Finally the exam was over! Yeayy!!!

Rasa rasa boley buat tapi tak berani nak komen lebey2 kita tunggu je resultnya. Sementara tu kita enjoy (bak kata Puteri) hehe…

Now I can concentrate planning my boy’s first birthday bash :).

This weekend all the family InsyaAllah will be travelling up north for another family affair. So we decided to held the party another week (NY’s weekend).

So the time and date has been decided. We also have decided on the theme. Tinggal sekarang nak finalise the food, the decoration, the invitee list. Everything dah ada dlm kepala, tinggal nak implement je.

Even though officially belum buat his birthday party, last weekend to commemorate the historical date we brought him to the zoo for the first time – kebetulan cuti pulak time birthday die takkan tak bawak pergi mana2 kan.

He loves it! I think the one he loves the most is the giraffes, asik2 mintak nak pergi tempat giraffe.  During the bird’s show he was a bit cranky I think it’s hard to see the bird from faraway, but later when the sea lion came out he watched it intently.

We round the whole zoo except small animals mcm insects tu tak pergi lah (kat halaman rumah ku pun ada insect). Finished in 3 hours. Our boy behave jer, bila keluar jer pintu zoo he clapped his hands. Wahh…cam tau2 jer it’s over. Clever boy.

sibuk nak kejar burung..ape ntah nama burung nie...

Then last sunday my sister ajak pergi picnic at Sg Congkak (Deng…biler lah yours truly nie nak study). Tapi dah sumer ahli keluarga join, takkan kita tak pergi kan. So join jugak lah hehe… dekat je pun from our house, around 30 minutes.  

Memula takut gak our boy tak suka (air sungai kan sejuk). Turn out he likes it so much.  Sibuk nak masuk dlm air and join all his bigger cousins. Memang anak daddy (daddy suka terjun sungai kat kampung kan..hehe).

And yesterday, we brought him for his 1 year old MMR jab at APSH. As usual, kena inject muka mcm takde perasaan sibuk nak main toys that were hanging on the ceiling. Either anakku ini memang control macho (mcm daddy ke?) or the doctor was very good.

After the jab, we brought a birthday cake to his daycare to share with other kids.  He was a bit cranky sibuk nak dukung and ajak we all balik, but after suap him a bit of chocolate cake (boley ke budak 1 year old mkn kek nie? ikut sukati aku je…), he was all hyper and running here and there with his friends:)

suruh tiup lilin tapi sibuk dia nak pegang lilin tu...

Happy Birthday Darling! Mummy and Daddy love you so much.

Banyak lagik nak cerita about his development and other stories as well since was hiatus for quite some times. Nanti I update more. Almaklum dah abis exam hari2 boley update blog hehe…macam free sangat lah tu :P.

For now going to my niece’s house, need to help her with wedding preparation.

See ya!


3 responses

  1. wow.. dah setahun rupanya Ashman!! Congratulations your a big boy now 🙂
    Seronoknya, I pun ingat nak bawak Naufal pergi zoo.. tapi not this weekend la, nak kena balik Penang & meet the in-laws, anyway… weekend2 ramai orang ker?

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