Supposedly… I should not be typing this.

Supposedly…I should not be surfing FB.

Supposedly…I should not be sitting in front of my pc.

Instead… I should be studying.

Coz I have 3 papers to sit very near the corner!!! 3 papers!!!

And of course I’m not prepared yet. I took study leaves but of course the first day was just to arrange all the notes. the 2nd day alhamdulilah spent well, studied at my friend’s house. On the3rd day my boy fall sick hence cannot send him to daycare. 

Hubby got meeting with  Prime Minister  whoever so cannot take leave. Thus I have to take care of our baby. Not that I dislike that, tapi memanglah amat menduga kesabaranku di waktu2 genting ini…

Today have exam seminar the whole day, lucky our boy dah sihat. He stayed with hubby the whole day, thank u my dear.    

So now I only have 1 day to study!!! gilos. Memang tak pernah insaf.

Apa apa pun, tak sabarnya nak tunggu exam habis nak plan ashman’s 1st birthday and nak join sibuk plan my niece’s wedding. 1st niece yang nak kawin. excited!

Wish me luck + any miracles that I can get. Tata for now.

Happy Holiday!!!


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