Snowy December is here!

Time sure flew fast…

It is the end of the year. Even though I’m not going anywhere, I feel like in a holiday mood :). Perhaps because the office is almost empty as people taking leaves. Of course in other places there will usually be a 2 weeks Chritsmas break. Back in Wosconsin, this is the time to rest and cuddle in the duvet as temperature dropped to less than 0 celcius. Or else for those who have extra pocket money, they pack the bag and headed south for the sun.

I always thought I will not miss that freezing temperature, but now I do. It’s not that I like ‘being frozen”. I just I missed that moment. Thus it is true when people say that we will only realise things that are precious when it’s no longer there, and we should not take things for guareanteed.

Set aside my thoughts on Wisconsin Snowy days (in other words stop dreaming!), December actually means my exams is coming nearer. OMG and I have not even study! Very typical of me *sigh*.

This semester I konon2 nak kejar all my coursemates I took 3 papers. (usually the maximum I took 2/semester).  I was left behind from others coz last year I skip one semester masa gave birth. And semester after that I took only 1 paper to cope with baby waking up every hour to feed.  Thot now our baby dah besar sket boleylaa amik 3 papers.

Turned out now that he is bigger it becomes harder for me to study. Dulu kalau dia baby (<6months old), he slept a lot and I can always breastfeed him in front of the pc. But now? NO CHANCE!!!

His nap time dah reduce. Now only morning 1 hour,  afternoon 1 hour and if lucky late afternoon 2 hours. If I ever sit in front of pc, of course he wanted to sit on my lap….mula2 he’ll watch his favorite nursery rhymes but then later he’ll press here and there. Including the mouse! Kids nowadays, so clever! *aku masa kecik mouse pun tak pernah tengok…*

So I told hubby next semester I think I need to go back to 2 papers / semester je. It’s not only that I cannot cope with the workload, but I feel bad that I have to let go spending my ‘playing time’ with our baby by taking extra time studying.

I also promised myself that I should finished exporting all my old entries into this blog by December. But until now belum complete, baru halfway. Sempat ke by end of year nie?

Another interesting to note this month is of course the football. It is half of the season now. Chelsea is leading and is the favorite to win. Of course I’m still hoping for Man U to win. At least it is a relief that the Kops were out of the race already (coz if not they will get the 19th championship, cutting us).

Irony they were out of Champs League, too. The fastest ever. They should sack Rafa, I don’t know what their strategy of keeping them.

The samba from Africa has rolled its drum. I’m all excited coz this is where you can watch very quality and competitive football (tengah sibuk nak exam, sibuk nak menyusu, sempat lagik excited??? mengong…). Yet if you follow my blog you realised I watched almost all the previous WC games. Maybe kena hypnotise ngan hubby kot:).

But don’t know lar this year with baby around. Maybe by next year dia dah besar sket and dah boley layan bola, mana tau? hehe….

Who is your favorite? I still can’t decide, at first I was thinking of Spain. But then the next day I read Spain got the highest bid so I am not sure yet (coz selalunya favorite team nie sure kalah punya..hehe…).

Anyway, as Ashman approaching his 1st birthday, he has suddenly all grown up. Even the TumbleTOTS teacher said later he can upgraded to ‘walker’ class soon (now in ‘crawler’ class).  Seriously cepat betol laa rasa macam baru je enrolled. I’ll talk about his development later in another entry. Now I should stop my random ramblings and back to study. *betol ke nak study or nak baca ruangan gossip pulak? hahaha*

Tata for now.


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