visiting the farm

Remember I wrote about our baby Ashman loved watching his baby einstein – old macdonald has a farm dvd?

I discovered the dvd not by accident. I actually learned about the mom who created this dvd at her basement in my Marketing class five years ago.  **it was one of my favorite class that’s why I paid attention to the details**

Anyway, when I first saw the dvd on the rack (around 6 months ago) I was all excited and bought it without hesitation. At that time our boy started to watch TVIQ while laying down on his rocker so I thought perhaps he likes the dvd.

Yet when I played the dvd, he showed zero interest in it. So I kept the dvd away until very recently when he he was quarantined due to the hand,feet, mouth disease, I decided to give the dvd another try. (Coz mummy dah taktau nak buat xtvt apa kat rumah).

Surprisingly, he watched it with great interest. Amat khusyuk sampai berulang2 pun takpe. Then only mummy realised outside the cover dvd tu jelas nyata dan terang tulis for 9 months above! Hahaha…kelakor gak aku nie tak baca cover tu before this…no wonder la skang die dah above 9 months baru show interest.

Anyway, our boy shows great interest watching all the animals. Tapi almaklum duduk dkt bandar mana lah nak tgk all those farm animal ‘live’. Setakat cat, dog and bird sajer la yg ada. So when we went back to hubby’s hometown during eid last friday, we managed to show him the real thing:)

Bawak dia pergi tengok korban, wah wah….suka betul dia tgk lembu2 tu…siap panggil2 lagik. Tapi bila time slaughter dia diam jer la tengok. At first I tak kasik dia tengok (takut violence whatsoever) but hubby said it’s okay.

Then kebetulan my hubby’s friend ada kenduri gotong royong, jadik ada banyak ayam at his yard (waiting for to be slaugthered). Ashman very excited. When I put him down laju jer dikejarnya ayam tu…mentang2 dah boley jalan kan. Siap nak bukak sangkarnya. Sangkar ke kita panggil benda mcm tudung saji tu? whatever laa kan u know what I mean hehe…Of course I tak kasik dia bukak sape nak kejar balik ayam tu weh….

Tengok excited betul kambing pun dipanggil panggil nya…seb baik laa your daddy nie ada kampung yek…

naper takde rupa macam sheep dlm tv pun..hehe....

Anyway, today December has started!!! Meaning our boy going to be 1 year old soon!!! So fast…and he has grow up so much…

Besides walking, he now understand ‘kiss’, (tapi dia memilih..orang yg dia nak jer dia akan kiss…hehe..), he can flip books for quite some time already, he can climb down the bed/sofa on his own, and yesterday I discovered that he can point with his finger at the cat in the book when I ask “mana meow…” Clever boy.  

Till here for now, catch ya later alligator.


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