Talked about him being diagnosed with cancer last month… and last Sunday he left all of us.

It was an undescribable feeling.  The title above simply describe it best.  

To the family, he was like the shoulder to rely on. A very caring person. Anytime we got sick, he was the first to be there. He was a very generous person. Generous with his time, and his money. When I was a kid, he will give me RM50 or even RM100 for duit raya (quite a big sum at that time). He gave me much bigger sum when I flew to U.S.

I never see him being angry to anyone. He never raised his voice. Such a patience person. Now I realised that he uttered only positive words that will motivate you. I remember when I was 6 years old, I remember he told me that I’m a clever girl and that makes me happy at that time…

He teach his family to share and express their love and care. I saw him hug them everyday, his wife and his kids. Even the big ones (age 20+) which was quite unusual for a Malay family.  He even sleep with them sometimes. He helps his wife cook in the kitchen. His specialty is ‘pisang goreng’ ~ fried banana. We will surely miss that next ramadhan😦

To his patients, he’s more than an ordinary doctor. Imagine, he even gave money to his underprivileged patients for their ticket bus ride. (supposedly doctor should charge the patient but this is the other way around). He visited his patients everyday, even during weekend or public holiday. They are like their second family.  He sacrifice himself for their sake. For their health, for their happiness.

To his employers, he’s like a gift from God. The boss said he never says no for any of their requests. He cope with long working hours with passion and commitment.  He sometimes miss lunches coz he will be in OT room for long hours. He has no complaint.

To our boy Ashman, he was his favorite uncle. Not because he was funny or bought him toys, but simply because he showered him with love. While I was in maternity period, he came almost everyday to see Ashman. He emphasized that all of us must wash our hands before holding Ashman.

When Ashman was 3 months old and got his first fever, he asked us to stay at his house so he and my sister could take care of Ashman. Twice I heard Ashman called him ‘pa’. At first I thought that was coincidence , now I know it was really meant for him to hear it.  

As a  person, I can’t even describe his countless deeds. He teach us to do things right (even in small miscelaneous things e.g filling up forms) and to do the right things. 

He was such a benevolence person.  As a muallaf converting at teen-age, he undergone hard times having no family around. He saved every penny for books, and has no money to eat. Still, he able to achieve his dream to become a doctor.

Although he’s a plastic surgeon specialist (such a high-status occupation by nature), he was a very down to earth person. If you see him you will know why I say that. Coz he looks so normal, with his  ‘kain pelikat’ and normal shirt. When all other specialists doctors driving BMW or Merc, he still drove his Proton.

To sum up, like Along said…papa is legend to us.

Dr. Arif Kor with his family

We missed you!

I never feel he’s my bro-in-law but more like a real brother to me.  Abang Arif, you are simply irreplaceable…



Finally the exam was over! Yeayy!!!

Rasa rasa boley buat tapi tak berani nak komen lebey2 kita tunggu je resultnya. Sementara tu kita enjoy (bak kata Puteri) hehe…

Now I can concentrate planning my boy’s first birthday bash :).

This weekend all the family InsyaAllah will be travelling up north for another family affair. So we decided to held the party another week (NY’s weekend).

So the time and date has been decided. We also have decided on the theme. Tinggal sekarang nak finalise the food, the decoration, the invitee list. Everything dah ada dlm kepala, tinggal nak implement je.

Even though officially belum buat his birthday party, last weekend to commemorate the historical date we brought him to the zoo for the first time – kebetulan cuti pulak time birthday die takkan tak bawak pergi mana2 kan.

He loves it! I think the one he loves the most is the giraffes, asik2 mintak nak pergi tempat giraffe.  During the bird’s show he was a bit cranky I think it’s hard to see the bird from faraway, but later when the sea lion came out he watched it intently.

We round the whole zoo except small animals mcm insects tu tak pergi lah (kat halaman rumah ku pun ada insect). Finished in 3 hours. Our boy behave jer, bila keluar jer pintu zoo he clapped his hands. Wahh…cam tau2 jer it’s over. Clever boy.

sibuk nak kejar burung..ape ntah nama burung nie...

Then last sunday my sister ajak pergi picnic at Sg Congkak (Deng…biler lah yours truly nie nak study). Tapi dah sumer ahli keluarga join, takkan kita tak pergi kan. So join jugak lah hehe… dekat je pun from our house, around 30 minutes.  

Memula takut gak our boy tak suka (air sungai kan sejuk). Turn out he likes it so much.  Sibuk nak masuk dlm air and join all his bigger cousins. Memang anak daddy (daddy suka terjun sungai kat kampung kan..hehe).

And yesterday, we brought him for his 1 year old MMR jab at APSH. As usual, kena inject muka mcm takde perasaan sibuk nak main toys that were hanging on the ceiling. Either anakku ini memang control macho (mcm daddy ke?) or the doctor was very good.

After the jab, we brought a birthday cake to his daycare to share with other kids.  He was a bit cranky sibuk nak dukung and ajak we all balik, but after suap him a bit of chocolate cake (boley ke budak 1 year old mkn kek nie? ikut sukati aku je…), he was all hyper and running here and there with his friends:)

suruh tiup lilin tapi sibuk dia nak pegang lilin tu...

Happy Birthday Darling! Mummy and Daddy love you so much.

Banyak lagik nak cerita about his development and other stories as well since was hiatus for quite some times. Nanti I update more. Almaklum dah abis exam hari2 boley update blog hehe…macam free sangat lah tu :P.

For now going to my niece’s house, need to help her with wedding preparation.

See ya!


Supposedly… I should not be typing this.

Supposedly…I should not be surfing FB.

Supposedly…I should not be sitting in front of my pc.

Instead… I should be studying.

Coz I have 3 papers to sit very near the corner!!! 3 papers!!!

And of course I’m not prepared yet. I took study leaves but of course the first day was just to arrange all the notes. the 2nd day alhamdulilah spent well, studied at my friend’s house. On the3rd day my boy fall sick hence cannot send him to daycare. 

Hubby got meeting with  Prime Minister  whoever so cannot take leave. Thus I have to take care of our baby. Not that I dislike that, tapi memanglah amat menduga kesabaranku di waktu2 genting ini…

Today have exam seminar the whole day, lucky our boy dah sihat. He stayed with hubby the whole day, thank u my dear.    

So now I only have 1 day to study!!! gilos. Memang tak pernah insaf.

Apa apa pun, tak sabarnya nak tunggu exam habis nak plan ashman’s 1st birthday and nak join sibuk plan my niece’s wedding. 1st niece yang nak kawin. excited!

Wish me luck + any miracles that I can get. Tata for now.

Happy Holiday!!!

Snowy December is here!

Time sure flew fast…

It is the end of the year. Even though I’m not going anywhere, I feel like in a holiday mood :). Perhaps because the office is almost empty as people taking leaves. Of course in other places there will usually be a 2 weeks Chritsmas break. Back in Wosconsin, this is the time to rest and cuddle in the duvet as temperature dropped to less than 0 celcius. Or else for those who have extra pocket money, they pack the bag and headed south for the sun.

I always thought I will not miss that freezing temperature, but now I do. It’s not that I like ‘being frozen”. I just I missed that moment. Thus it is true when people say that we will only realise things that are precious when it’s no longer there, and we should not take things for guareanteed.

Set aside my thoughts on Wisconsin Snowy days (in other words stop dreaming!), December actually means my exams is coming nearer. OMG and I have not even study! Very typical of me *sigh*.

This semester I konon2 nak kejar all my coursemates I took 3 papers. (usually the maximum I took 2/semester).  I was left behind from others coz last year I skip one semester masa gave birth. And semester after that I took only 1 paper to cope with baby waking up every hour to feed.  Thot now our baby dah besar sket boleylaa amik 3 papers.

Turned out now that he is bigger it becomes harder for me to study. Dulu kalau dia baby (<6months old), he slept a lot and I can always breastfeed him in front of the pc. But now? NO CHANCE!!!

His nap time dah reduce. Now only morning 1 hour,  afternoon 1 hour and if lucky late afternoon 2 hours. If I ever sit in front of pc, of course he wanted to sit on my lap….mula2 he’ll watch his favorite nursery rhymes but then later he’ll press here and there. Including the mouse! Kids nowadays, so clever! *aku masa kecik mouse pun tak pernah tengok…*

So I told hubby next semester I think I need to go back to 2 papers / semester je. It’s not only that I cannot cope with the workload, but I feel bad that I have to let go spending my ‘playing time’ with our baby by taking extra time studying.

I also promised myself that I should finished exporting all my old entries into this blog by December. But until now belum complete, baru halfway. Sempat ke by end of year nie?

Another interesting to note this month is of course the football. It is half of the season now. Chelsea is leading and is the favorite to win. Of course I’m still hoping for Man U to win. At least it is a relief that the Kops were out of the race already (coz if not they will get the 19th championship, cutting us).

Irony they were out of Champs League, too. The fastest ever. They should sack Rafa, I don’t know what their strategy of keeping them.

The samba from Africa has rolled its drum. I’m all excited coz this is where you can watch very quality and competitive football (tengah sibuk nak exam, sibuk nak menyusu, sempat lagik excited??? mengong…). Yet if you follow my blog you realised I watched almost all the previous WC games. Maybe kena hypnotise ngan hubby kot:).

But don’t know lar this year with baby around. Maybe by next year dia dah besar sket and dah boley layan bola, mana tau? hehe….

Who is your favorite? I still can’t decide, at first I was thinking of Spain. But then the next day I read Spain got the highest bid so I am not sure yet (coz selalunya favorite team nie sure kalah punya..hehe…).

Anyway, as Ashman approaching his 1st birthday, he has suddenly all grown up. Even the TumbleTOTS teacher said later he can upgraded to ‘walker’ class soon (now in ‘crawler’ class).  Seriously cepat betol laa rasa macam baru je enrolled. I’ll talk about his development later in another entry. Now I should stop my random ramblings and back to study. *betol ke nak study or nak baca ruangan gossip pulak? hahaha*

Tata for now.

visiting the farm

Remember I wrote about our baby Ashman loved watching his baby einstein – old macdonald has a farm dvd?

I discovered the dvd not by accident. I actually learned about the mom who created this dvd at her basement in my Marketing class five years ago.  **it was one of my favorite class that’s why I paid attention to the details**

Anyway, when I first saw the dvd on the rack (around 6 months ago) I was all excited and bought it without hesitation. At that time our boy started to watch TVIQ while laying down on his rocker so I thought perhaps he likes the dvd.

Yet when I played the dvd, he showed zero interest in it. So I kept the dvd away until very recently when he he was quarantined due to the hand,feet, mouth disease, I decided to give the dvd another try. (Coz mummy dah taktau nak buat xtvt apa kat rumah).

Surprisingly, he watched it with great interest. Amat khusyuk sampai berulang2 pun takpe. Then only mummy realised outside the cover dvd tu jelas nyata dan terang tulis for 9 months above! Hahaha…kelakor gak aku nie tak baca cover tu before this…no wonder la skang die dah above 9 months baru show interest.

Anyway, our boy shows great interest watching all the animals. Tapi almaklum duduk dkt bandar mana lah nak tgk all those farm animal ‘live’. Setakat cat, dog and bird sajer la yg ada. So when we went back to hubby’s hometown during eid last friday, we managed to show him the real thing:)

Bawak dia pergi tengok korban, wah wah….suka betul dia tgk lembu2 tu…siap panggil2 lagik. Tapi bila time slaughter dia diam jer la tengok. At first I tak kasik dia tengok (takut violence whatsoever) but hubby said it’s okay.

Then kebetulan my hubby’s friend ada kenduri gotong royong, jadik ada banyak ayam at his yard (waiting for to be slaugthered). Ashman very excited. When I put him down laju jer dikejarnya ayam tu…mentang2 dah boley jalan kan. Siap nak bukak sangkarnya. Sangkar ke kita panggil benda mcm tudung saji tu? whatever laa kan u know what I mean hehe…Of course I tak kasik dia bukak sape nak kejar balik ayam tu weh….

Tengok excited betul kambing pun dipanggil panggil nya…seb baik laa your daddy nie ada kampung yek…

naper takde rupa macam sheep dlm tv pun..hehe....

Anyway, today December has started!!! Meaning our boy going to be 1 year old soon!!! So fast…and he has grow up so much…

Besides walking, he now understand ‘kiss’, (tapi dia memilih..orang yg dia nak jer dia akan kiss…hehe..), he can flip books for quite some time already, he can climb down the bed/sofa on his own, and yesterday I discovered that he can point with his finger at the cat in the book when I ask “mana meow…” Clever boy.  

Till here for now, catch ya later alligator.