These boots are made for walking…

Our weekend was well spent:)

As usual, we try to spend as much time with our boy during the weekend. Yerlah kalau weekday we picked him up latest at 7pm, latest 10pm dah tidor. So 3 jam sehari jer mana lah cukup nak main dgn dia. Minus with the time we spent for (mandi + solat + cook dinner + laundry + dinner) = tinggallah dalam sejam lebey jer each… pity our son.

Anyway, last weekend we went to AMcorp Mall. Me visited my friend’s booth and we all jalan2 sampai penat. Later brought him to his TumbleTot class. Dia memang dah very familiar with the place. I put him down dia terus main without hesitation.

He has been practising walking. Dah boley jalan more than 10 steps now:) Very excited. Kali nie tak stumble and more confident. Mcm biler nak jatuh tu dia boley control la. So I told hubby we need to buy him his walking shoes coz the hari raya shoes dah ketat (ini bukan alasan utk mummy shopping okay). I decided to survey the Tiny Tapir Shop @ Ampang Park. I’ve visited the shop online but never buy anything there.

The shop is cozy and nice. They promoted a lot of baby and mummy’s stuff, mostly eco-friendly thingys. We decided to buy a pair of shoes which cost RM37. While waiting for hubby to draw money (kalau nak swipe minimum RM50), our boy very excited practice walking around the shop with his new shoes. Seb baik the sales girl tu very friendly. Tengoklah dia agak2 very comfortable with the shop already:-

They provided toy for kids to play

Oh belakang nie ada mainan lain rupanya...

Oh no dear...this is not mummy's shop...

I have to dukung him later coz he really excited that he can move around freely. Nanti abis disepah2 kan semua barang kedai tu. hehe…

After that, we went to my colleague’s son birthday party @ Shah Alam. Our boy very excited tengok all the balloons (or maybe hinting to his parents to plan him a party hehe…) By the way, aunties and uncles….see I’m walking now! 🙂


Enjoy the rest of the week. Don’t stress2..It’s only 4 working days this week;) See ya.


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