Kind of out of radar this week. Caught with a shocking news last Sunday.  Someone very very dear to us was diagnosed with a serious disease.

Someone we really love.
We really care.
We really respect. 
Even our boy is attached to him.
His kindness is countless. He’s like a human-angel.

Thus every night we have been paying them a visit. Nevertheless we talked about weather and house deco. We talked about our cute boy learning to walk.  The sorrow is buried deep down in the heart.  Like a treasure chest.  The reality is too hard too utter. Too excruciating.

It is actually like a dream. A bad nightmare. I can’t even believe what’s happening is real. How I wish it was just a false alarm…Coz I can’t imagine life without him. I know death is something certain. Tiada siapa yang dapat melawan takdir. But is it too soon?

With due respect, I really saluted the whole family. For  being very brave and positive. I know behind that emotional door their hearts are crying. Their strength is the key to hope and dream.

We will continue praying that our dearest will recover… 

On a happier note, our boy is just turned 11 months recently. Macam tak percaya! The so-fragile 2.7kg boy whom I carried in my arms (11 months ag0) dah besar!

when he was 3 days old...

This is the picture snapped today…my darling big boy already!

Handsome tak saya? 🙂

Enjoy your weekend! Spread happiness to others around you:)



4 responses

  1. huserk: yeay huserk nak balik!

    su: so far belum lagik. Kalau dia ada attempt nak pegang I said “no,no” dia x jadik pegang. Tak tau la bila dah besar ur daughters. Wait and see! hehe

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