10 going 11

Last weekend (Friday – Saturday), our baby vomitted a few times + diarrhea.  But the amazed thing I realised about babies is that they are strong indeed. He did not cried at all, he just looked into my eyes ~ not complaining. Maybe he did not want me to worry coz hubby was not around.  *this was actually the first time our son got sick when I was all alone!* 

Angah helped me brought him to pediatrician. Lucky she was around coz it was raining and you know lar parking kat ampang point very hassle! – Well, I’m not totally alone coz my mom, my sister, and angah were there. Thanx guys!

The doctor gave him medicine (masukkan ikut bont**) to stop the vomitting, langsung tak nangis. *Pelik tul coz kekadang bila mak dia nak kasik ubat mengamuk cam apa*

I was wondering whether what I ate that made him sick (coz of the BF) but the doc said that was unlikely to happen.  He said most likely he got the bacteria from daycare coz especially now that he’s crawling everywhere. He also still putting things in his mouth *I tried many times to scold him on this, but he only cheeky-ly smiles back to me…-Any advice, mommies?* 

Other than that, our weekend was splendid. Hubby came home safely from Vietnam, alhamdulilah. I managed to submit my homework on time, alhamdulilah. and our baby is enjoying his Tumbletots class (this was his4th time I think), and I believe he started to appreciate it more hehe.. 

My niece Emy started to ask what I’m going to plan for Ashman’s birthday bash. Haha terasa mcm hollywood moms pulok nak wat birthday party nie. kalau neneknya tau nie mampus…dia agak2 tak baper approve birthday2 nie

Below some recap about my boy’s development at this 10 months going 11 (in case nanti makcik dah tua tak ingat all such important things) *jgn kata dah tua, even what happened to him when he is 3 months pun mcm dah tak berapa ingat* 

  • Started to appreciate music. He now can play the piano/xylophone his daddy belikan as present tu. (play maksudnya tekan tekan la kan). He recognizes a few songs, the one he loves especially with movements like:

1. If you happy and you know It Clap your Hand
2. Shake Your Silly Hands —> yg nie dia belajar kat TumbleTots
3. Old MacDonald Has a Farm —> from baby einstein dvd

  • He knows how to wave yeayy!!! Bila suruh bye2, he’ll wave shyly. cute sangat.
  • He understands some words like ball, cat, susu, bird (*pagi2 kasik mkn pigeons kat luar kengkonon mcm kat London ahaks*)
  • Dah ada 4 gigi and sometimes suka gigit my shoulder!
  • When he’s nursing, his other hand playing with my other b**b, huh? (I don’t know whether nie development ker ape tapi letak jugak la so I ingat this thing hehe).

Anyway he still learning how to walk. When he crawls at 8 months I thot by 9 months dah boley jalan coz yours truly started walking at 9 months ***terer tak? 😉

Then I just found out hubby started walking at 15 months, so maybe our baby take the average of both of us kot? hehe…

Okie everybody, conquer your fear. happy working!


3 responses

  1. Monina,

    How’s the tumbletot classes? initially i nak enroll imran in it.. tp when i read reviews, org kata tak berbaloi.. but since imran is now out of day care, i still want him to socialize around.. if not die akan takut dgn org..
    Let me know..

  2. Ruzanna,
    I think the class is good for ashman’s self esteem and good ways to mingle around with other kids. But it is a franchise so every center is different. Yet I do think it slightly overprice, around RM25/hour. But try call them sometimes they give u free trial (that’s what we did) and see whether ur boy like it or not. I heard Gymboree is also good, but we don’t have any nearby so malas nak survey.

  3. Mon,
    Macam tak percaya plak Ashman is already almost 11 months old… last time I met him was when he was just a few days old.. how time flies, and how long since we last met!!

    Anyway, not to worry about him walking, cause usually boys walk later than girls.. my little Naufal starts walking at 14 months (his daddy at 18.. haah).. He’ll walk when he’s ready, and then the fun begins….

    Just wanted to let u know I started blogging again!!

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