I’m in love

Extract of my notes during class last night (6.30-9.3opm) looked something like this :

2. FTSE GIIS’s methodology (kena baca yg nie!)
-business screen
-financial ratio screen (debt asset ratio, interest based income, monetary asset)
ashman comel boy ~ sleep senyum2…
ashman good boy ~ dengar cakap mummy
ashman happy boy ~ clap clap your hand
ashman lovely baby ~ sayang mummy daddy

Eh..ape yg prof ckp tadik???
hahahaha….it feels like old time, during our teenager lovey dovey mood, I always scribbled my boyfriend’s name everywhere in my notebook. 

Now I’m doing the same thing again. Only with a different person. Well, not actually different coz genetically part of my baby is him.  I never tell  him this but sometimes when I’m playing with our boy, I could see him inside 😉

Anyway, on a different note, have you guys seen flash mob dance during Oprah Winfrey 24th Anniversary Show performed by the Chicago people? So awesome!!!! (aik aku nie asik2 cerita oprah jer macam makcik2 laa pulak dok tgk oprah kan huhu)

But isn’t she such a powerful lady. She manages to ask a right question and discuss on interesting issues. Even Danny Ocean (clooney) from Ocean 13 pun nangis kan hihihi…

Anyway, this flash mob dance was very awesome. Plus my favourite band Black Eyed Peas pulak yg perform! Check it out on youtube. Another flash mob dance directed by the same director is the T-mobile advertisement at Liverpool Station during rush hour – check that one out, too.

Tata for now.


2 responses

  1. Oh yes, i saw the mob dance.. by BEP tuh.. sungguh awesome ok!.. rasa cam nak dance skali..
    U know what, before i pergi states, i kept this promise to make sure i dpt pergi tgk oprah show at her studio.. fanatic kan? but surely tak dpt la.. heheh.. but yeah, i’ve been watching her since lepas SPM kot…

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