Ashman is down with HFMD…

…and as a result his mummy was so tired + sleep deprivation + bodyache + pinggang lenguh2 cam nak patah…

Last Wednesday he was down with fever, so mummy took a day off. Bila dah petang fever dah surut (even 6 hours later after taking paracetamol), so I assume he’s getting better, the next day boley antar daycare la la la la la la…Little that I knew that was only the beginning….

Around 8pm, suddenly I realised his hands ada blisters. Aiikk… I have been taking care of him the whole day, takkan laa tak perasan b4 this. Suddenly terpk the Hand Feet Mouth Disease (coz baru jer borak ngan zura about that during raya) , terus call Abg Arif  (my bro-in law cum plastic surgeon specialist who live at the same road). He dropped by and confirmed memang HFMD, suggested to bring him to pediatrician tomorrow morning. Our boy tak nampak uncomfortable at all so we all not that worry.  Again, little that I knew that was only the beginning….

My boy sleep normally around 10.00pm and woke up for his supper at midnight. Nurse him as usual suddenly dia menjerit! meraung! mengamuk! dan semua word yg synonym dengannya…

We suspected dlm mulut dia dah start naik blister (earlier malam tu tak suspect this will happen coz masa google IMAGE HFMD the mouth blister tu mcm kat area luar mulut jer…).  

Cuba dukung2 pujuk dia..still nangis teresak esak. But he really really wanted to nurse, (I think he wants to comfort himself). Again, bila kasik my bo*bs, mengamuk lagik!!!  Oh my….

Akhirnya tertidur kepenatan tapi still bunyi teresak esak sakit. Amat amat kesian I really felt helpless. Then he woke up again at 2.00am. This time is worse than before. I think he had sore throat as well coz bila dia telan air liur jer menjerit lagik! (the internet pun ckp one of the symptoms is sore throat). He cried and cried and cried. I told hubby I really worried he’ll get dehydrated coz tak dpt minum susu and air mata dok mengalir keluar jer plus penat meronta lagik…

Try fed him water. Lucky he learned already to drink from normal glass. Memula taknak minum. I really worried he’ll get dehydrated. My mind racing fast try to recall what are the symptoms of dehydration and dok pk where I put his Prudential Medical Card in case apa apa jadik…

Later agaknya dia dahaga sangat baru lah dia minum. Then we tried heated my EBM and feed through glass as well. He sipped a bit, and terus minum sampai habis 4oz! He felt asleep at 4am (imagine 2 jam nangis sambil mummy dukung, daddy dukung mmg taknak). Akhirnya tertidur sambil tengok Baby Einstein OLD MACDONALD HAD A FARM (Saje try pasang tak sangka dia leka pulak nengok all those animals at the farm).

Then again and again dia bangun nangis and tertidur lagik…At one point I felt so sakit badan rasa nak patah pinggang rasa mcm nak pergi jer Emergency but hubby reluctant coz the last time we went to Emergency the doctor langsung tak pegang ashman, langsung tak friendly. Memang pun I myself tak favor pergi Emergency tu tapi rasa mcm dah tak larat dah…Hubby asked me to be patience for a few more hours…

At around 7.30am, our baby woke up again but this time tak nangis. He looked at me and smile :). I was very surprised. Baby is wonderfully strong. He actually gives me strength. He then played with me pekapoo behind the pillow like there’s nothing to worry about. Like he’s telling me that not to  worry mummy, I’m okay.”

We brought him to his pediatrician – Klinik Kanak Kanak Ong at Ampang Point (the doctor really good, both of us memang suka his advices). The next 2 days I took Emergency Leave to take care of him (lucky my sister is around to help).

Ashman then getting better and better (perhaps due to the medicine given to sooth the ulcer), but night time were hard – agak meragam and cranky, maybe at night time dia dah penat dan badan tak selesa.

Now he’s okay already cuma masih tak boley pergi daycare (kena kuarantin at least 1 week) so hubby pulak cuti taking care of him.

This was the first time we experienced he can’t drink direct from me, amat kesian coz can see his face longing for it. Now I can imagine kalau I sakit warded ke and unable to breastfeed camnelah kan…apa pun, alhamdulilah he’s getting better now.

On a different note, dah nampak 2 more teeth belah atas yeayy!!! and he can now stand steadily (more than 50 seconds) sambil main remote control astro or main my handphone, siap bukak GPRS lagik. Learning to take steps, boleylah jalan dua langkah tapi lepas tu jatuh. Tak lama dah anak mummy nak jalan nie;)

Tata for now.

*I’ve finally exported all entries from year 2002-2004. So now nak start year 2005. An interesting year coz it was the year I changed job and we got married;)


5 responses

  1. Wahh kesiannya Ashman… mesti tahap kesabaran very thin kan masa tuh.. but at least u’ve experienced something worst kan..
    My son dulu masa kena sore throat camtuh gak..tak nak nurse and sleep..every hour bangun nangis.. sedih sgt tgk die masa tuh.. mak bapak die igt he was drooling.. rupanya sakit tekak, tu sebab tak nak telan air liur.. huu huu

  2. bile baby kita sick, we always wish that biar kita yg tanggung sumer kan sbb tak sanggup tgk bb kite sakeeetttt….cian ashman…untie nisa wish u speedy recovery k and jalan cepat2..hihi;)

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