Flashback malam minggu…

I usually go to bed late only during the weekend (late in my book nowadays meaning beyond 10pm).  Thus that’s the only time for me checking my FB, uploading photos and reading other people blogs (I can’t open blogspot link in the office, tak best kan).

Last saturday while I was uploading some pics in FB (si comel dah tidur nyenyak),  hubby excitedly called me from the living room.

“Ayang, ayang!! Chelsea kalah!!!”

“Ayang, ayang!! Jom tgk highlight Chelsea punyer goal!”

I was reluctant though sebab tengah dok syiok depan pc, anyway highlight esok pun ada especially kalau chelsea kalah lagik laa diulang ulang.  Plus nanti pukul 12 si comel sure bangun for his supper terus tak sempat aku nak surfing2.

“Ayang, tolong amik handphone abang”

I knew what he wanted to do. He surely nak sms all those Chelsea’s fans.  It has become a routine among us to text those who lose. His text said sth like “Lepas nie Man U pulak kalah, pastu Arsenal, biar Liverpool jer menang” ——> statement poyo kan! hehe….

Half an hour later I joined si comel tidur….Entah pukul berapa, I can feel hubby approaching me, to kiss me. I opened my eyes slightly.

“Ayang….liverpool kalah sebab belon”

I am only half awake so I hardly understand what he’s saying. “What?”

“Bacalah soccernet esok…”  (aik…aku pulak yg kena baca…)

I try to clear my mind of what actually happened…“Liverpool kalah ke?”

Hubby just nodded muka sedey giler  dah  selubung dalam selimut.

I can’t help myself to smile. A cheeky smile. Hubby bertambah tensen terus tak jadik nak kiss me.  (What can I do? I’m a true RED DEVIL, even in my sleep? hahaha….)

The next morning baru lah I found out the whole story about the beach ball deflected which as a result Liverpool kalah 1-0 ngan Sunderland. Alaaa….1-0 jer kalau terer score lah lagik sebijik, belon tu pulak yg disalahkan ek. hehehe…end up now they are no. 8 on the league? Woww….tergelincir jauh nampaknya.

As for us, thanx to Aston Villa, we manage to be on the top of the league this week. Tapi beza 1 point jer ngan Chelsea so tak boley nak berlagak wokay. (kalau berlagak karang kena belon pulak kang..hehe).

Other than that balloon incident, our weekend went smoothly well. We attended a few more Deepavali/ Raya open house. Puas hati la makan (I think I’ve gain weight tapi takut lah nak timbang hehe…). Bring si comel to Tumbletots, tapi kali nie towards the end dia cam nangis2 sebab ngantuk.

As usual, after spending weekend with him, I feel so “babysick” (term aku create sendiri meaning aku rindu my baby, acceptable ke? hehe..). Semalam I refrain myself from calling the daycare. Tapi harinie rasa nak call lah. Kalau lah daycare tu kat ofis nie best nyer boley pergi jenguk jap…hmmm…

Catch ya later!

*Below is the snapshot of what frustated my hubby last saturday night…*LOL*


catch Reina catch!

catch Reina catch!




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