Danielle, the feral child ~ new hope

Last tuesday, balik from my inceif class…biasalah at that hour ashman dah asleep/very sleepy.  When he realised I was there, terus nak nursing. Coz I didn’t want him to wake up (kesian kan..), I mute the tv and searching for channel I can watch without sound. Found Oprah’s show, tapi tinggal lagik 20 min. But that was the only one with subtitle at that time.  So layan jer la…

The topic is about feral child (translated as child with minimal human contact/neglected child).  Aku mcm blur since episode tu dah towards the end kan.  But as I continue watching, I was so shocked!!! It’s basically about this girl, Danielle which was neglected by her mom. Oprah inteviewed her new foster parents, so they described how Danielle’s development is at 6-24 months years old (despite her age of 7 years old).  But the shocking thing to me is that she is perfectly healthy. Tak mentally retarded or autism. The only thing she lacks for the past years (before adopted) was human contact /nurture/love & care.

Tapi sebab rancangan tu dah nak abis, I didn’t get to know what actually happened to the girl in her past. Tak sabar nak cek internet, especially nak tau apa mak kandung dia buat geram tul! Tapi memandangkan ashman on my lap, esok pagi jer laa google.

The next day terus google. Even tak sure apa nama penuhnya but I love how google engine work (just type sket and they will show you top hits), so ada danielle oprah winfrey…enter!

So these are amongst some things that I found out from the net…

  • She was found by a detective in year 2005, when a neighbor reported seeing a girl at a window;
  • She was around 7 years at that time;
  • The house was full with urine and feces, spiderweb, cockroaches everywhere!;
  • There were a pile of dirty diapers in that room must have been 4 feet high, and she was just lying there, surrounded by her own excrement and bugs;
  • She wore diapers, couldn’t feed herself, couldn’t talk.
  • She had never been cared for beyond basic sustenance. Hard as it was to imagine, they doubted she had ever been taken out in the sun, sung to sleep, even hugged or held.
  • The most extraordinary thing about Danielle, was her lack of engagement with people, with anything. “There was no light in her eye, no response or recognition. . . . We saw a little girl who didn’t even respond to hugs or affection.”
  • She didn’t know how to eat, climb a slide or swing on a swing. She didn’t want to be touched.
  • she was born healthy, weighed 7 pounds, 6 ounces. Her Apgar score measuring her health was a 9, nearly perfect.
  • Her true mom is 51 years old, she did not feel guilty at all rather feel victimised;
  • Now she was adopted by Lierow’s couple, and has so far showing great progress. Thank God!
  • The amazing thing is initially the Lierow wanted to adopt a normal daughter, but instead once they saw Dani, their heart are set on her.

Panjang ceritanya lagik so for those who are interested, boleylaa search google about her.  She never see any doctor since she was born, but I think she is protected by angel kan masih hidup…badan dia penuh gigitan serangga! sian tul…

Oprah interviewed doctors about her condition, too. One thing that strucks me is that the doctor said in average parents only communicate with their children 1 minute/day where the rest of the time the children are left with tv & computer. I think this survey is based from U.S, but still!

The doctors also showed MRI of children’s brains that lacking human contact/nurture. The size is smaller and bigger gap between cells. Kesian… Emo betul saya waktu tengok tv tu rasa nak peluk ashman puas2!

So it is proven that love & care from parents are very important. Don’t just rely on your maid, tv or computer. Even though I’m sure not many parents out there is cruel enough to be like Dani’s real mother, but a lot of parents do not realised that the more you engage with your children, the more they gain.  

Okie dokie….got to go. A bit recap about my son who’s turning 10 months this saturday:-

  • Dah pandai main pekaboo (kalau sebelum nie kita yg boo dia, but now dia yg boo kita…he will hide behind wall/door and then jenguk! So cute!)
  • Dah terer baling and sepak bola (belum boley jalan tapi sebok nak sepak bola, so we all kena pegang tangan dia..kalau bola tu golek jauh ikutlaa sekalik mummy nya nie kejar!)
  • Dah pandai berdiri from posisi duduk, vice versa. Dia baru discover agaknya sebab asik berdiri duduk berdiri duduk hehe…


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    takder mood la pulok since liverpool kalah ngan sunderland sbb belon.
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