I had a dream last night where my son said ”Mummy, Ashman dah boley cakap sekarang”. Funny!

 In this month’s Reader’s Digest, there was an article about mom and breastfeeding, how the pre-natal class never emphasize to expecting mothers that breastfeeding as natural as it sound is not easy. Hence, when she failed to breasfeed and had to top up his baby with formula, she felt like the worst mother in the world.

 To some extent, what the author wrote is true. In pre-natal class, trainers keep on emphasizing the importance of breastfeeding but never the hardship going thru it.

I (and many moms I supposed) have to discover it through the hard way ~ own experience. During the early month, your body is so tired (from giving birth I suppose) and body ache, yet there is someone latching at you. It can even last for 1 hour! (No one warning me about that, either) . Sometimes your eyes keep on checking the clock to see how long it has been… Your nipples sometimes get sore or cracked, and when that happened, it even becomes more painful when the baby tried to latch.

Nevertheless, you keep on trying your best. Reason number 1 ~ your love for the baby. Reason number 2 is all the importance of breastfeeding mentioned during the pre-natal class/in the book/internet. Amongst the vital one that keep on motivating me is how formula milk can give nutrients, but can’t give immunity. *Why is it called formula at the first place?* I wonder…

Hence, what is outlined during the prenatal classes is important to motivate you. But perhaps the truth also should be enlightened so you will not feel too bad when you are tired of doing it.

Coz now that I read the article I realized similar thing happened to me as well. There were a few nights during my maternity leaves when the baby cried and hubby asked me to nurse him, I felt so reluctant coz I’m so tired and my nipple hurt. Plus didn’t the baby just drink like…10 minutes ago?  How come he wants milk again?  Hubby did not understand why I don’t want to feed my own baby. It does makes me felt worthless and emotional at that time. Like the author said, you can’t relate with the *portrait of the breastfeeding mum with her twin babies* at the hospital’s wall at all.

But expectant mothers, don’t worry. All you need is energy – so make sure you eat well-balance food and plenty of warm water (despite some oldies pantang larang), support from hubby (very important), families, and emotional strength (prayers). Sometimes men don’t really understand *coz they are from Mars, remember*. They give physical support but not the emotional part. So you have to let them know directly what you want. Simple as that.

I myself was not prepared of the whole maternity period either. I guess I did not realize the 2 months break can be very tiring! And out of the 2 months your partner can only be with you 24/7 around 3 days only? Giler…ada company yg tak supportive lagik teruk kasik paternity leave 1 day saja. Ada ka patut…Saya amat tak setuju.

Even though your other family is there, you still need your hubby by your side. Coz the baby belongs to both of you kan. So only you and him can truly understand. I hope one day Malaysia can change that maternity policy = extend to 3 moths, and paternity policy = at least 7 days. Setuju tak?

Plus masa tu I went thru c-sect so lagik sakit badan kot? Nak angkat baby from certain position pun kekadang tak boley and it was quite frustating. Nak kejut hubby tidur lagik satu hal agak payah. Almaklum it was the first time both of us tak cukup tidur after 27 years boleh tidur anytime you want…hehehe…

But don’t worry, after the 2 months…Voila!  The breastfeeding becomes much easier. Then only the word natural kicked in. Both you and your baby jadik semakin hari semakin terer😉. Your partner also began to adapt, much easier nak kejutkan dia malam. Cuit sket terus terbangun😉.

You can say the confinement period is like an ORIENTATION. It is nature way of teaching new mummies and daddies in parenting. For example, now when my baby has cold, he gets all cranky – asik nak berdukung and mummy pun jadik tak cukup tido. I do feel tired, but since I’ve gone thru the so called orientation, I’ve used to it.   

Usually I hate orientation (kalau yang sekolah buat tu), but this one proves very helpful!

**I’m still in the midst of exporting my old entries. Thus the reason the last entry was in year 2003.


2 responses

  1. hahaha.. true, true, memang orientation. masa i memula lepas bersalin adam, was so tired, nak tido, but nurse kejut sebab dr suruh bg adam susu, ala yg the yellow thingy. and i was like (dlm hati) can’t he like wait? aku baru je lepas operation, penat oi! hehe. but the second one was ok, because dah expect kan? lagipun dah orientation skali, cukup la kan? heheheh

  2. Hi K.Mon,

    Nice transformation! And now is time to read your old post one by one as you’re transferring each at a time..Btw, you transfer one by one kan, bukan 4oo post semua sekali kan, i macam tak faham sgt pasal tuh.. Oh, sangat suka baca post zaman bercinta ok!

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