A stroll under the rain…

Yesterday I started my part time class again. After a long break (semester plus fasting month break), I was so lazy to even think about the class. But of course I had to go to the class since I have enrolled. Some people said things like ”rajinnya dah kerja/kahwin/ada anak still belajar…”

The truth is I’m not a hardworking person at all. People who are close to me are aware of that *wink*. I study last minute. I did my assignment last minutes.

But sometimes I like reading. Sometimes I like doing essay/research.

Thus rather than spending my extra money and extra time on something useless, my brain (not my heart) telling me to spend it towards education coz education can only improve oneself and will never be otherwise. Hence, once I’ve registered this INCEIF thingy, I should do it well. I should finish it. That’s the whole story of how I’m still studying now.

Anyway, I walk to class coz it’s quite a short distance. 10 minutes walk. I usually walk at a fast pace without looking anywhere else. (Plus my eyesight is not that good to look at scenery around me).

Yesterday, I walked halfway and it started to rain. Oh my! I was stucked under the roof of Maju Junction. Of course I don’t have an umbrella with me. The fact that I’m carrying 2 bags (handbag and milk bag) makes me very hesitate to carry another extra thing with me. And I also hesitated to buy umbrella at Maju coz they will be over-price at this hour.

I stand there for 5 minutes. A few people start to walk again despite the rain. Hmm..I’m calculating in my head, it was not that far a stroll until I reach Pertama Complex… I decided to do the same. I started to walk. Have you experience that once you take the stroll under the rain suddenly the rain becomes heavier? Is that just a feeling or real?

Anyway, I successfully reached Pertama Complex. Looking ahead, another stroll to take to Sogo. But my clothes already wet, so I should just proceed. Nothing to lose.

While walking (and carefully looking right and left for any motorbikes / cars so I will not get splashed), I saw a lady in front of me crossing the street and carrying a plastic bag full of McDonalds food. She was around same age with me. When she turned around facing me, I was taken by shock. She actually dropped the plastic bag at an old man sitting at the corner (looks like a beggar). When I looked back looking for the girl, she has hurriedly cross back towards Sogo and was lost in the crowd.

I keep on walking towards my destination (which coincidentally towards the old man) and look at him. His face showed that he was taken aback as well. He looked inside the plastic bag excitedly (like a child opening his birthday present) and was very happy. That moment is priceless. It was like watching a Petronas-like commercial of some sort but this time it was a true event.

I kept on walking but my head was thinking why the girl did that. I have colleagues that even don’t want to go to café across the street if it’s raining (for her ownself!), but this girl cross the street for someone else.

While I keep on wondering about the girl, suddenly it hit me that why I wonder when there is good Samaritans around but never feel weird when reading / watching bad things happen. It’s like the world has turn topsy turvy where good things are hard to see nowadays and vice versa. That’s the bitter truth of the life we live today. And I’m living in it. Now that I’m a mom, I sometimes worried of how I should guide my baby to face such world.

Well, short note about my baby…today he started to cry when we leave him at the daycare. This was the 2nd time. I think the first time was around 2 months ago? It really makes me sad to see that but I have to put up a brave face. Tapi dalam hati asik terbayangkan dia ~ sampaikan bila dah sampai rumah ready nak pergi ofis terlupa nak pakai helmet! Kena patah balik motor amik! Sabor jer…

Even last night hubby said our baby was quite cranky. He was smart enough to aware that I was not there. Bila saya balik terus nangis nak susu sampai tertidur. Kesian… It makes my heart torn apart to go back studying, but again as mentioned above ~ I have to finish what I start. Plus, if I have not start studying at the first place, one of the best thing in my life might not have happened. (*My baby actually conceived during my study leave ~ believes it or not*)

Well, you can never have the best of both worlds. The only thing you can do is try your best…

By the way, our baby is learning to stand now. He can stand by himself for 10 seconds the longest. He’ll be so happy when he stand, especially when hubby said something like ”Ashman berdiri!!!”Tapi bila jatuh terduduk dan mummy dia ada di sisi, suka buat buat nangis even tho jatuh atas playmate bukan sakit pun.

Baby dear..mummy loves you.


post-rendang entry

Sehari lagik masa utk bermain dengan my boys (hubby + son) before masuk opis!!! I hope I had spent the 9 days meaningfully. For myself, and for the boys.

Best tul cuti raya kali nie. Rasa refresh.

Pejam celik pejam celik dah nak masuk bulan 10. 3 more months to go before the next year. So fast.

This coming month sure sibuk open house raya. Hubby biasalah tak suka jam *siapa suka, kan?*, so selalu we all pergi yg dekat2 je. Especially sekarang my son dah tak reti duduk diam dlm car seat. Contohnya kalau ikut MRR2, sampai kat exit cheras tu dah mengamuk nak bangun! Toys pun taknak. Parents, any advise? really appreciate it.

Btw, sesaper pergi open house kat area ampang do drop by our home sweet home.

Salam aidilfitri.

Mohon maaf atas segala kesilapan selama ini.

a wonderful raya celebration

Salam Aidilfitri

Maaf Zahir & Batin…

We had a blast raya celebration. The first raya day was well spent with family. Of course, also with food 😉. Makan dan makan dan makan…dan posing, posing, posing lagik.

I just realized this was the first year I celebrated Eid with my siblings again since I got married, the first year – 2005 at Perak, 2006 at Kelantan (Kakpi’s house) but at that time adik beradik lain raya di rumah mentua, 2007 at Perak, 2008 at Perak. Jadi kali nie giliran beraya di rumah saya yeayy!!! Coincidentally all siblings giliran di KL kali nie including my brother who was back from London after several years. Of course it was extra special for us this time dengan kehadiran Muhammad Ashman Ehsan, our darling sweetheart. Silalah tengok my FB for his cute pics with baju melayu 🙂.

Our first stop is my mom’s house, she cooked her specialty nasik beriani + ayam masak merah + daging beriani. Setelah kenyang perut suka hati, we went to my eldest sister’s (kakpi) house makan soto + sate pulok. Semua perut storage macam tangki nampaknya hehe…Pastu baru gerak ke rumah pakcik2 sampailah petang…penat kekenyangan.

At night we went to my brother’s house makan lagik sambil menyaksikan kemenangan Man United Derby Game. Very dramatic! Apa pun, saya tak suka ben foster. He made quite a handful mistakes, boley jeopardize our game. After the game, layan bunga api / mercun yg dah masuk angin but to the kids dah kira best giler la. They were in fact very happy. Our baby tengok the firecrackers like “wow what is that…”. In fact, I think it was his first time seeing fire.

The next few days we all teruskan sesi beraya di rumah saudara mara & kengkawan yg ada di KL. Surprisingly jalan KL tak lengang, looks like a lot of people tak balik kampung. Makan memang puas hati la. Our baby was well behaved, bila penat just tidur atas riba. By the way, he turned 9 months masa raya haritu. Dah besar anak mummy🙂.

Let me recap his development at this stage before I forget…

-He knows his way in our house now. Kalau mummy takde, carik dlm bilik. Kalau takde, tengok kat kitchen. Daddy selalunya dia carik kat bilik belakang. Our bathroom door memang kena tutup sentiasa sekarang nie coz dia crawl laju sangat kekadang tak sempat nak kejar. Like hubby said “I’m born for speed“.

-Mastering in clapping his hands. Sekarang nie kalau kita tepuk, dia akan tepuk jugak happily.

-Sudah pandai merajuk. Kalau tak bagi something that he wants, he’ll cry and try to get someone else to help him / pujuk him. And then kalau dia kejar kita (by crawling) pastu mcm terjatuh/terlambat, buat buat sedey so we all datang dukung dia instead.

-He’s not into porridge but more into cereal and potatoes. Risau gak takut tak cukup nutrients, but my ex-boss pernah pesan don’t be too stress out about this. If you too stress out, end up lagik budak tu taknak makan (reverse psycho? hmm…)

– His favorite activity is still swimming. Pantang tengok air terlompat2 macam nak terjun jer masuk dalam tu.

– We also discovered that he loves ball. Suka tengok orang main bola, dan kalau kasik die tendang, bukan main suka lagik jerit terkekeh kekek..

– Other than “ma” *which he usually utter time sedey nak nangis* he now can say “pa”. Now, we also could hear him talking / muttering words with clear sounds like ta..ta..ta..ba..ba..ba

– He recognizes a few nursery rhymes. Yang paling dia suka kalimah lailahaillallah and lagu tepuk amai amai sebab yg tu sejak baby lagik asik nyanyi. kalau dia tengah mengamuk ngamuk tetiba kita nyanyi pun dia jadi tenang. (paling suka mengamuk bila time kena pakai baju) ~ ikut perangai saper la nie tak suka pakai baju!

-Suka tengok my neighbor’s dog, snoopie. Bila anjing tu menyalak nyalak dia macam lagik suka nak turun. Tapi yg pelik semalam dia tgk kucing masa beraya kat rumah sedara. 1st time kot dia tengok kucing. Agaknya cat tu renung dia, takut nak nangis pulok… sabor je.

– Kalau masa 3-4 months dulu kan dia suka tengok tv, sekarang nie dah tak suka. He preferred playing with his toys except bila time iklan baru lah nak tengok. Iklan yang paling dia suka iklan astro ceria, I think because it is very colourful. Kalau dari jauh pun sibuk nak tengok.

Apa pun, we take care of him full time for 5 days straight in a row sebab cuti raya kan, jadi hari nie bila masuk balik ofis rasa rindu sangat dekat dia! Tadi call my mom pun tanya how is my baby, she said dia pergi merangkak carik we all dlm bilik. Kesian…tak sabar nak balik nak pamper him!

my long entry after not having one for long…

Okay readers, now I’m finally free!!! Yippie yippie yeayy!!!

My ‘busy’ ness I told you about in the last entry, it is over now. The client has a smooth issuance last Thursday. We can finally take a deep breath. It was such a hectic job this time compare to normal issuance as it involves retail investors. More than 150 investors to be exact. We were bombarded with all kind of questions such as…

How to fill up the forms?
Can I joint-signatory with my daughter?
What if I die?
How can I transfer the money from CIMB without going to CIMB?
(come on lar..we are talking about millions here mana boley buat internet transfer sayang ooii)
What if bla bla bla…

It was going on endlessly. Our phones kept on ringing, and with only 2 of us handling it, we were so pressured. We were so occupied, sampaikan I nak pergi express milk pun selalu tak sempat. As a result, my milk supply dropped drastically.

Usually I can express 4 bottles/day, but at that time dapat dlm 2-3 bottles je. My baby pun macam tak puas bila minum, ala ala tantrum gitu. Yerlah kalau kita minum air tu keluar sket2 pun tak enjoy kan. So I try fed him formula, lagik mengamuk ada. Rasa nak nangis dah time tu. Mana tak, supply dlm freezer pun dah habis guna… Rasa macam nak cuti pun ada but pity my other colleague takkan lah dia nak handle the chaos at work alone. Unfair pulak. 

So what I did…I kept on expressing throughout the night. Saya kunci jam every 2 hours to express. It was quite tricky since Ashman will wake up once every 2-3 hours gak. Sekali express dapatlah dalam ½ oz. My main point is to keep on telling my body to produce as the supply act on demand (very much like that graph you learn in economic class). I did that 3 nights in a row. Ngantuk pun tak terasa dah sebab amat risau tak cukup supply. Dengan izin Allah, alhamdulilah I manage to cope. After that, my milk supply dah jadik normal balik. Alhamdulilah… I’m really grateful.

Some asked about the dehydration I mentioned earlier. Actually, I did not aware at first I’m having it. My body became so cold inside, the feeling that you sometimes get when you have fever. I felt like snuggling underneath a cozy blanket baru selesa. Quite tricky, coz my baby tak suka blanket ~ kepala dia senang peluh dan kalau diselimutkan suka lah dia sepak2 selimut tu. Sabor jer kan. Dah tu dia suka tidur next to me, susah lah mummy dia nak ber-blanket. Nak pakai sweater pun mcm leceh nak breasfeed pulok. macam macam…

But I did not have fever. I even asked angah and abang arif to confirm it. No fever. So I did not worry dan terus buat kerja macam biasa. Kebetulan malam tu my hubby meeting kat Shah Alam sampai malam, so I felt tired than usual. But still I did not detect my dehydration. Bila hubby balik, I just told him I felt cold. He asked me to eat panadol, so I telan jer la 2 biji panadol malam tu sebelum tidur…

Bila bangun tidur the next day, I thought I should feel better. But my stomach suddenly felt weird. Hubby said dia nak pergi potong rumput @ my mom’s. I told him better don’t leave me with the baby coz my tummy feel weird. True enough, bangun je dari katil saya terus rasa nak muntah. Oh my oh my oh my…masuk jer toilet terus vomited. Again and again. Saya amat tak suka muntah okay! Siapa laa yang suka kan…hehe…It was so tiring. (flashback 16 months ago). Then siap cirit birit pulak. I really did not know why. Takkan lah food poisoning, coz I ate home cook food last night.

Hubby bawak Ashman pergi main rumah nenek dia sementara saya rest tidur. After 2 hours and vomited for the 5th time + cirit birit a few times, I told hubby we need to go to clinic. So pergi laa panel clinic – I told the doctor my condition. She looked at my tongue and eyes, terus dia cakap I was super-dehydrated. Terus dia suruh minum 100 plus but mixed it with water. Lepas tu baru lah I find out what I had memang symptom2 dehydration. Yg peliknya takde pulak rasa dahaga…Agaknya campur dengan si kecik dok nursing throughout the night, I’m losing a lot of water unnoticed.

Jadik saya pun tak berpuasa tahun nie. Sudah consult ustaz dan dia cakap nursing mother memang tak perlu puasa kalau tak mampu. Bayar fidyah sahaja tak perlu ganti (same like preggy moms that cannot fast because for the sake of the baby). I thought I want to try giving my baby formula, tapi pk pk balik kenapa pulak kan dah Allah kasik kelonggaran and mom’s milk is the best, why you go for the 2nd best pulak…

Anyway, waktu tengah2 busy tu….amat jealous tengok officemate2 lain keluar lunch hour pergi melawat jalan TAR. Jadik aritu lepas jer issuance, terus diriku bergegas memerdekan diri pergi jalan TAR (very interesting place to see during fasting month). Berjaya angkut baju melayu Ashman lengkap dengan samping and songkok. Sangat comel!

Semalam pergi shopping baju jalan dia pulak kat KLCC. Ala ala psychological treatment lepas penat bekerja la kononnya…hehehe…For the mummy, of course shopping awal2 lagik (even busy sempat jugak). Coz last year kan I have no mood at all to shop (they said sbb mengandungkan baby boy), so tahun nie kira qada’ la hihihi… and I also bought a new designer handbag from dear farina, sakan weh! I justify my purchase by telling myself that this was my first purchase of handbag after no new handbag for almost 2 years! (even my last aigner was a gift bought by my sister when she went to States last time). Can’t believe I abstain myself for 2 years. Terer Ashman jaga mummy 🙂.

Btw, our baby is growing so fast he’s going to be 9 months very soon! I’ll update about him in the next entry.

Everybody…enjoy these last few days of Ramadhan. Datang lah beraya kat rumah, kitorang raya KL tahun nie 🙂 EID MUBARAK!