the new season begin…

BPL has began! Excited. But due to my hectic schedule last weekend ( I elaborate about this later), I have not build up my team for the fantasy league just yet. Maka seperti tahun lepas saya sudah ketinggalan satu game lagik mcm last year. Anyway last year we did fairly well, I got no. 7 and hubby no. 6, tapi sebab saya miss one game tau🙂. This year both of us missed the first game. Adil la kan hehe…

This season should be interesting. Now Ronaldo has bid goodbye, many managers surely lost a captain as he is an all time favorite. But personally as a red devil I don’t really care losing him. Of course we might lose points as he is the shining star, but I do believe in the team. Actually I felt sadder that we lose Tevez.

Another all time favorite manager for fantasy league is Lampard. He is very consistent throughout season. It will also be interesting to see how Man City performs this season, with all the new signing. Though I think it will be much more exciting if they manage to secure J.T. I wonder why some people speculate the Blues will be sitting on the throne this season as they have not been doing any glamorous signing. They even lose to the liverpudlians last season (the first since the last 6 years I heard). The only new thing is Ancelotti. Is he that great?

Whatever it is, if we win again this season, it means we will get the 19th championship – better than any other team that ever exists in the league. Likewise, the same if those liverpudlians win. Hmm… just prepared for an entertaining season. (they better give an entertaining games as Astro bil has increased 20% for the sport channel!).

Anyway, tutup cerita BPL and cerita sikit about our hectic weekend. We have planned to bring our baby swimming for the first time since the last 3 weeks. Tunggu mummy dia habis exam je. Dah siap beli float. However due to H1N1 (isn’t it scary how the death toll kept on increasing?), we do not feel safe to go to public pool any longer. Thus hubby bought our boy…jeng jeng jeng…..his own pool!.

Amat seronok okay. Rugi kamera rosak (tak sempat nak survey beli yang baru) but the memory is captured safely in my mind though. Mana taknya, letak je our boy dalam tu, terus merangkak everywhere sambil tepuk tepuk air. The pool is quite big size for him – I think the diameter is almost 2 metres. So seronok lah dia crawling everywhere. Langsung tak takut air. Bila kitorang buat air pancut (guna paip getah), dia sibuk kejar sambil nganga mulut! Adorable 🙂. Sesiapa yg nak join swimming jemputlaa datang ok!

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