Mirror mirror on the 8 months’ wall

Today our little boy cried when I left him at the daycare. This is the first time such thing happened. First time. Hence it is a big thing for me, for us. Of course one thing this signifies that our boy is grown up already. Angah kata separation anxiety. He understands separation and able to show his emotion. Well, it’s good that he learn to be independent and sociable.

But I also feel sad. My heart mixed with emotion. Every mother in the world will feel it. You just can’t afford to hear your child’s sadness; it makes your heart cry as well.

By the way, 5 minutes later we went and visit him again at the daycare (I just have to make sure nothing wrong with the daycare). He is happily playing toys with another kid. Good to see. At least I am bit relief. Tapi lepas tu dia ternampak kitorang dekat pintu nangis balik. Kesian…

You know in the pre-school I worked in U.S, there is an observation room attached to the kid’s room where there is a 2-way mirror, where you can see the kids but they only see normal mirror (macam dalam cerita polis tu la). I wonder whether we have that in any daycare in Malaysia?

At almost 8 months, I can see that our boy is certainly growing up. Last week he caught Roseola. It’s like measles, but only affecting kids younger than 2 years old. The baby will first get a high fever, followed by distinctive rash just as the fever breaks. I had exam during that time so hubby yg kena jaga dia (first time hubby taking care of him alone during sick time – thank you so much daddy). After he recovered from the illness, I realized he suddenly all grown up.

Well, let see…Firstly, his first tooth came out (ingat kan memula demam sebab tu). Then he can crawl now. Boley tahan laju. He can sit properly now without tumbling over. When he tries to stand, he let go both of his hands – memang nampak macam “I am a big boy okay”. He also can say “Ma” now. Yeayy!!!

When we built our own Great Wall of China around the bed using pillows, he excitedly climb over. So we cannot leave him on the bed alone now.

He holds toys (and our handphone okay) with firm grip now. He will look around if he loses them. Sometimes he purposely drops the toy (or my house key) and wants to take it back. And now when we call “Ashman”, he will look around!

Another thing that actually Raihan (my 12 year old niece) pointed out at me, Ashman no longer smells like baby but smell like human. That was her exact sentence after she kissed our boy’s forehead. You know how genuine kids’ words are. Of course I smell our boy afterward to double confirm ~ oh yeah she was right. There’s no longer that unique baby smell (ada orang kata bau syurga entah betul atau tidak).

For the weaning process, unlike the first month we started weaning him, now he eats a lot. Makan sure habis punya. Of course his favorite is still sweet potato. Selalunya I will mix the rice cereal with potato/fruits/vege. Minum susu still paling banyak waktu malam. Now with H1N1 cases everywhere, lagikla banyak I kasik dia susu – extra boost immunity.

The funniest thing is my baby becoming more aware of his own identity. Kalau tengok diri sendiri dalam cermin sure happy habis. Being bouncy as ever and admiring his movement. I reminded hubby to cherish the moments with little one as he grows so fast we might miss/forgotten such precious moments. Time flies fast once they reach this age.

Okie dokie. Pen off here.

*Do watch Channel 110 on Yasmin Ahmad’s. Interesting interviews and moments with her currently on air until 31st August


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