exam habis yahoo!

I was away for a few days. Supposedly taking study leave for my exam. I am not so confident with this paper due to a few reasons, which is as follows:

i) I did not take tutorial for this class as it was a short semester thus the class lasted for 4 hours which ended until 10.30pm. I can’t afford to leave my baby that long.

ii) It is an accounting-related paper. The last time I learn accounting was in year 2001, and am not practicing the discipline now. So mcm dah tak berapa nak ingat laa nak debit/credit which side. Karat otakku ini beb!

iii) I only attend the first half of the Pre-Exam Seminar (atau dengan nama lain kelas tips exam). Well, you know why…it fall on that RED DEVIL day. I had to miss it…had to. (Man U sekali setahun pun belum tentu beb!).

iv) My baby so demanding and so manja with me. Last semester sewaktu dia masih kecil tidur lama and tak bother pun aku baca buku whatsoever. This semester “I’m a big boy already mummy” ~ asik nak ajak main, dukung, lompat, melekat with me etc. Kesimpulannya memang tak dapat study kalau dekat rumah. The only time I spent studying is for a few hours spent at my friend’s house (kengkonon study group) and another few hours at coffee house while hubby strolling with baby at the mall.

Anyway, exam pun dah habis. Doa2 kan lah saya pass okay. I’m looking forward to start the next semester. Sebelum tu kita enjoy dulu kay (dah beli pelampung baru for my baby utk pergi swimming!).

*The legendary Yasmin Ahmad passed away last week. Those who have been a follower of my blog surely know that I (and hubby) adore her works so much. She is greatly missed… I still can’t believe I’m not able to watch her commercial any longer. I’ll write about her in my next entry, InsyaAllah.

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