baby attachment

I met my client cum friend last week. He asked how old is my son, beaming proudly I answered,

“7 months.”

He said, “perfect timing for vacation”

I’m like…“What do you mean? He can’t even walk yet. Won’t it be hard?”

He clarifies…“No. I meant for both of you. Only the two of you. Leaves the baby with your mom or whoever. It is perfect timing coz the baby is not too attached to you yet.”

And I’m like…“Emm….but I never leave him at night. Never.”

He said… “yeah..yeah…that’s all mother in the world said. I’m planning for holiday with my wife for one and a half year already. Never jadi coz of the kids. Just go somewhere near, but just the two of you.”

(btw my friend here has three kids now, all age 6 years and below)

Our conversation changed topic after that. But what he said keeps on lingering in my mind. Should we plan for holiday? Will my baby be okay with that? He sleeps with me every night. Since the day he was born. Well, actually I think he did spend one night at the hospital nursery coz of the jaundice, but the day after that he sleeps with me every single night. Plus he drinks milk once in 2 hours throughout the night. Dengan mata terpejam merengek rengek la carik susu. More for comfort rather than thirsty I suppose.

Well, the truth is…maybe he can survive a night without me but I am not sure whether I can. I am so attached to him as much as he is attached to me. Maybe even more. I thought about him everyday. Things like, how is he doing in nursery? Will he cry today? How much he will eat? How much he will drink?

So won’t these things bother me if I go away for holiday? Boley ke tenang jiwaku… hmmm….

Anyway, my son is 7.5 months now. He started to crawl now, yeayy!!! Baru 2-3 langkah. He knows when we call his name, knows how to rotate his wrist (never realize this is a motor development skill until now), and knows how to clap his hand, yeayy!!! Tapi kalau suruh tepuk tangan takde la dia tepuk, dia just tepuk bebila dia nak je hehe…

Since he started to crawl, he does not last long in his baby cot or baby rocker. Baru duduk 10 saat dah merengek nak keluar. Thus yesterday we bought him the VeeBee Play Yards. I got the idea to buy this when Sheri mentioned it in her blog. So yesterday we went to The Curve and the thing is on sale so we bought it yeayy!!! Ashman amat suka hooray so now I can take my shower without worrying he might fall from his baby cot any longer.

We also bought his new car seat coz now kengkonon dah besar dah tak suka duduk dlm the baby-car seat. Meraung mcm kena dera bila duduk dlm tu. This new one yg boley duduk tengok depan punya ala ala big boy okay thank u very much🙂. Anyway, the baby-car seat and baby rocker tu dah banyak berjasa – even though tempoh 7 bulan tu mcm sekejap tapi kalau dalam hal melibatkan baby nie terasa lama betul especially time dia nangis hehe…

Another thing now that he is more active and sweat a lot, we started to discover he has rashes under his neck. At first I thought it is a normal rash, but after we went to the pediatrician he confirm that our boy has mild eczema. At first I’m a bit surprised. I am not supposed to be surprise actually since my family has long history of asthma thus eczema is related. But since I don’t have both asthma and eczema I thought our baby won’t have it (hubby’s family lagikla takde even the term eczema sounds foreign to him). Looks like it skips 1 generation.

Anyway, I am a bit worried coz although almost all my siblings, nephews and nieces has eczema, me myself never experience it thus am not sure what the treatment should be. I want to give the best to my baby, so I am worried my ignorant on eczema might jeopardize his health. For example, what if I rub a wrong lotion which makes him itchier? Oh my… Hence I’m learning on the eczema thingy now. Hopefully I will not make such silly mistake.

By the way cakap pasal pediatrician, we found this loving and nice pediatrician – Klinik Kanak Kanak Ong located at Ampang Point sebaris dengan Shakeys Pizza. He checked my baby thoroughly and answered all our questions. Recommended for those who stay in that area. Susah sket nak carik paed nie sbb macam yg kat hospital tu time office hour jer ada kan.

Okay la saya kena stop membebel. Exam lagik 6 hari banyak giler lagik kena cover. This time around rasa mcm tak berapa prepared je..takut!!!


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