Well, things have work nicely for me:-

1. My assignment’s due date was postpone for 2 days, give me enough time to reconstruct my sentences making it at least edible to digest by Prof hence submitted a few hours before due date.

2. Alhamdulilah, my baby boy no longer has fever. Still has a bit of phlegm, but now that he starts being bouncy (amat suka lompat ok!) and cheeky again, I’m no longer worried.

As the two subjects above are in good condition, last Saturday I really, truly enjoying myself at Bkt Jalil Stadium watching my favorite team. The whole stadium was RED. Seriously, it was like a dream. There’s a moment I thought I’m at Old Trafford itself (*poyo*) but I really can’t believe myself ~ the atmosphere was so great I can’t believe I almost don’t buy the ticket. The stadium was full, sampai tempat duduk paling atas tu pun ada orang laa kiranya. Best! Being surrounded with all the die hard fans, so fun!

Actually that was the first time me and hubby were out, only the 2 of us. So at first I felt guilty leaving little one at home. But I justify myself that this might be a chance of a lifetime plus he is in good care (angah’s). Everytime the player came out I scream at the top of my lung! Owen and Rooney seems to attract most fans. Tak expect jugak ferguson bawak semua first team datang, (with exception of Park & Vidic). Pity I love Vidic, he’s so good yet down-to-earth. Still, the rest were there. Tengok diorang warming up pun rasa happy giler! haha best best!!!

I was especially delighted to see Giggs. Menjerit tak ingat punya la. Amat minat dia okay. He was already in the team when I started supported them (year 1994-95, together with Neville and Scholes) so they were so synonym with United. Respected them, walaupun dah kira veteran still hardworking kejar bola. Legendary yet humble.

Even though I did not eat/drink anything plus the weather was so hot and we have to walk almost half around the stadium coz our gate was at the other side, I did not feel thirsty at all. Hahaha..giler betul. Power of the RED DEVIL:)

In total, the game was great. I was so jubilant – tidur malam tu pun rasa extra nyenyak saja:). Tup tup bangun esok pagi bukak tv – they said there’s going to be a rematch on Monday!!! (yesterday). Oh my oh my…my adrenaline went fast again.

Thinking thinking…I missed the last time they were here (year 2001). Masa tu bengang giler kenapa laa waktu diriku berada di US laa baru nak datang Msia. So this feels like my chance to watch them twice (kira Man United main semata mata nak ganti yg I miss tahun 2001 tu- *poyo lagik*).

Should I go?
Tapi baru je tengok. Isn’t that enough?
How can you have enough? You’ll never get enough of MAN UNITED

So it’s decided. I’m going again!!! YEAY!!!!

The outcome? Memang amat puas hati sebab kali nie tak berapa ramai orang (tak berapa ramai pun dalam 30 ribu gak) so dpt tgk lebih clear. Best sangat!!!

Can’t believe I’d watched 2 live games in 3 days. So lucky. So satisfied.


*Thank you hubby/along/seypol for accompanying me to the games. (especially to hubby yg merupakan KOP by nature). Pengorbanan anda amat saya hargai;)

*The team today spending their day relaxing and golfing, before departing to Korea tomorrow. Kalau laa anakku tu dah besar, mau agaknya ku bawak pergi lepak kat lobi Mandarin Oriental tu hehe…


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