juggling family, work and study

I’m so tense!

I have so many things to do and so little time and energy left…

My son was down with fever+cough+running nose (complete!) so I have to take emergency leaves to take care of him.

I shouldn’t take leave actually, not when our project has been finalised and going to be presented to Board this wednesday. But sending the little one to nursery is certainly a no-no. Hubby can’t take leave (he has a lot of work, handover, meeting, badminton tournament bla bla). It has to be me.

I pleaded with my boss. I have to play the family card here, my immediate boss is a mother herself. She’ll understand. And my ultimate boss is a family man with 8 children, he has to understand. Even though they don’t understand, I just have to jeorpadize my career here. My boy is my first priority now.

I just can’t leave my son at the nursery. He is so clinging, he cries if you put him down (crying make his running nose even worse), and not eating. Sometimes the phlegm iritates him and makes him throw up. He started to lose some weight already. Pity him.

On the other hand, my homework is due tomorrow. Baru satu page siap okay! Amat tensen! I usually do it at night, but after taking care of little one the whole day, I don’t have much energy left to stay up at night. A mug of MILO can make me last only an hour. As at this moment, I am actually clueless how to finish it. The writing part is easy, yet the thinking–being creative–manipulating words are the hard part which requires my brain to work). I’m so panic I feel like I’m going to fail this paper this time. So frustrated.

Sometimes when my boy cried, I felt like crying together with him. Please be well soon dear. You are the most important to me.

Cayang die. muahss.


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