a fullfilling weekend

Quite tight up with work lately.

We have submitted the proposal to authority, as usual ~ quite chaos. Chaos in our dictionary meaning hanging out at KLCC for lunch until 2.30pm and got a call from our boss to submit the proposal that afternoon! Haha…apa lagik kelam kabut laa balik ofis. However as we have been trained to work well under pressure (I guess that’s one of the reason they are paying my salary haha ), the things went smoothly.

Of course it cannot be done without the help of our support staff. They helped us with photocopying and binding. In normal working hours I can do those tasks myself. In fact my first Mentor always reminded me to do those tasks myself. ~ use the support staff only when you are very busy. By the way, I still can’t master those skills if working under pressure. Nanti mula lah senget la, paper stuck la whatsoever. Thus with everyone’s help, we manage to send the thingy to the authority before the cut-off time 5.00pm. Hooray!

Yet, how busy I am at work, I still wanted to spend a fulfilling weekend. Especially for the sake of my baby.

The last weekend of June, we all pesta makan ketam as makyam’s family came to KL bringing 2 sacks of crab – still alive okay! It was the first time I’ve seen so many crabs🙂. We all very ‘jakun’, amat terkial kial nak siang sampaikan my dear friend Rina kena sepit ketam. LOL. Well, please take note saya bukan di kalangan mereka yg siang ketam tu…saya tengok dari jauh saja, kengkonon dukung baby la hehehe…All in all, it was a super-delicious dinner. Thank you everyone!

Makyam’s family came to our house to send her sister’s off to a university in KL. It was the first time they came. Makyam herself has never been to our house. In fact the first friend that has ever stepped into our home sweet home were faiq & jee. We just moved in 3 days when they came. The irony part was that they came as we were going to visit Makyam together. We pooled car so they parked their car at our house.

During this visit I told Makyam about how hubby was busy with our new garden (i.e. tanam rumput carpet) and she said she was excited to come and visit our house when she’s cured one day. hmmm…That will never come true now.

That was the second time we visited her. The first time we visited her was when she first diagnosed. At that time (1st visit) she was still full with energy. She just finished operation (to change his urinary and alimentary system as the cancer developed at her colon).

Until now I am full with regret that the gap between the first and second visit was so long! I should have visited her more. I should have… The thought has always haunted me. Of how come I was able to go to weddings (many of them!) and traveling, yet not to visit my sick friend.

In fact while I was busy preparing the necessary for mariam’s family ~ towels, bed sheets, pillow, etc, saya berfikir seorang diri macamana nak borak2 dengan parents dia. I’m not a talker, especially to elderly. Honestly, very different with hubby, saya memang tidak pandai mengambil hati orang tua. I will usually just nod and smile to whatever they said. Orang tua’s phrase “boleh buat menantu” certainly does not fit me.

Anyway, while I’m preparing the bed sheets for them – I was thinking that I will try my best to talk and treat them nicely. I will give my best as that will make makyam’s happy. And then I’m like what the hell was I’m thinking? To make her happy, I supposed to visit her. The reality bites me. To treat her family nicely is only a second best option. I’ve forgone my chance to give her the best…I have to live with that…FOREVER.


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