6 months

Ashman is 6 months old today!!!! It has been 6 months!!!! Can’t believe it has been that long. Can’t believe he used to be 1.66cm when I first met him. Well, I’m happy to say I have been exclusively breastfeeding him for the last 6 months! Yeay!!! It is a big milestone (for me)!

Thank you everyone who help me taking care of him all this while. My husband, my mom, and to the rest…you know who you are.

Now that the little boy is 6 months old – he rolled all over the place. Dulu dia taknak pusing langsung. Makes me worried a bit. Dah plan nak tanya pediatrician about it. Turned out last weekend he decided to roll in front of both of us. Bukan sekali pulak tu, banyak kali! Then terus buat gaya mcm nak merangkak ~ angkat punggung, goyang2 depan belakang. So cute!

And finally he started to wean. I bought the rice cereal for starter. Angah amat excited nak suap dia. So far dia mkn sket2 je, x berapa nak reti lagik.

But last night when I read the part about weaning and baby food in Stoppard’s book, I suddenly became both panic and sad.

PANIC because I know nothing about blending/puree-ing baby food. Zero knowledge. I know there are a lot of baby food in the market nowadays (with very cute jars some more!). But I’m also aware that it is not advisable to 100% rely on them coz of the preservative thingy. I don’t want to be one of those moms who can’t cook for their own kids. Thus I have to learn. Come to think about it, I’d learned everything I can about breastfeeding and manage to do it, so now I guess I have to learn another new task. Tapi panik laa sekejap coz my baby dah masuk 6 months today and I baru terhegeh2 nak baca all about solid foods.

SAD because once he’s into solid food, the amount of BF subsequently will be reduced. I’m so attached to breastfeeding now. It has become my routine. Although in the earlier times (especially during confinement period), BF gave me overwhelming emotion ride ~ tired, sleepy, frustrated, sad, etc (siap gaduh ngan hubby lagik coz of my tiredness), now I really like it. Although it makes me wake up from my cozy sleep almost 5 times every night, it does not seem to bother me anymore. Pelik dekat ofis pun tak rasa ngantuk? Terer la pulak haha…puji diri sendiri. Seriously, kalau tak dulu bila tak cukup tidur sure I jadik grumpy tau.

BF has become a special bonding between me and my baby. No one else can replace my role there and that makes me feel special. Hence, to have ‘less’ of it makes me feel sad. I know it’s for the best and I’m not arguing about it. Only emotionally it makes me sad.

Anyway other than that, we are happy to see him growing well. Even bought him a BUMBO seat to commemorate his 6th months birthday haha! Can’t help it larr..he’s so cute in there! Nanti I upload pics in FB okay.


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