Life ain’t like a playground…

Last week I was bombarded with emotion. Grief and problems. Not my problems. But problems of others, those whom are close to me.

Ms A told me she had a row with her mother and they are currently not in speaking term.

Ms B told me that her mission to conceive still does not show any good sign.

Ms C told me her husband divorced her for another girl.

WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD. Adult world. Women’s world. *sigh*.

Of course I can’t solve any of their problems. I think they don’t expect me to solve it, either. They just need me to listen. Thus I just listen. Be a shoulder to cry on. Since my friend mariam passed away, I vowed that I will be a better listener to my friends.

Sometimes I wonder how come life was so easy back then…when we were younger:- full with passion and loving life. No such problems. In fact I was talking to my high school friend yesterday, about how carefree our life back then. We recalled how we use to sit in front of the speedy video (on the floor okay!) to watch the cartoon. *good old days*.

When you cry, it is just because you have fallen down from a bicycle…not because your husband leaves you. Then your mother will certainly pick you up and hug you, giving you comfort and security… rather than being critical and scolded you.

I recently saw my two nephews (btw both were wearing similar transformer shirts which you can get from the Petronas Petrol Station– looks like it’s the in thing amongst the toddlers now!). They were fighting over a Ben10 handphone (which did not belong to either of them, of course). Real fights, with screaming to the top of their lungs and tears. But 5 minutes later they just simply playing together again, as if nothing had happened.

Why can’t we be like that – forgive and forget. Why in the adult world there must be grudge, jealousy, and social expectation. Why the reality has to be bitter. The saddest part is, once the bitter part comes, it seems to swipe away all the happy memories as well. Wash it through the drain. Pity.

I still remember me playing one-to-one basketball with young Nicholas (the young boy I used to take care of back in U.S). His face full with happiness once he made the hoop. Genuine happiness. Unaware of all the world’s problems outside the playground. Of course playground has it own politics as well. But it is easily solve, through forgiveness and handshake. Hug and kisses. Handyplast and Ice pack. If only life is as easy as like in the playground…


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