At 5.5 months…

At 5½ months, my baby boy……

1. Weighted almost 7 kg. Berat weh nak dukung sekarang. Tapi suka sangat orang dukung. Tak kisah la sesiapa (belum ada stranger anxiety?), janji orang tu dukung dia bawak jengjalan.

2. Curious on everything. He will watch all kind of movements and lights. His favorite now is watching the flow of water. Waktu selsema hari tu we stand by the tap water in the kitchen for hours. Sabor jer anak selsema bagi main air hehe…anything to sooth him I supposed. Dekat luar rumah nenek pun ada small garden fountain, leka jer dia layan.

3. Know how to play with toys. He already has a few toys, mostly gifts from aunties & uncles. Now he can spend one good hour playing with it ~ looking at the colors and listening to the sound. His favorite is still the Lamaze – Tina the Tiger. Berbaloi laa beli. His 2nd favorite is the bright yellow moon that chimes lullaby song hanging on his bouncer, gift from his cousin, Emy. By the way, I really salute whoever creates that classic lullaby song. Very soothing and calming. Even to adult 😉

4. Almost ready to wean. Now he watched attentively while we eat. Kesian pulak tengok. My relatives and friends pun dah pressure me to wean him. But the Stoppard’s book said:-

“Official advice is that milk is suffcient for your baby for the first 6 months, but you may find your friends and relatives pressure you to start weaning your baby earlier.

You should however, resist all such pressure for the following reasons: firstly, breast milk is the only food that your baby needs in the early months. Secondly, the introduction of solids to too young a baby can lessen the desire to suck. Thirdly, until your baby is at least 6 months old his digestive tract is incapable of digesting and absorbing complex foods. If you introduce solids before this time not only will they pass through largely undigested, but you will be putting an increased strain on the baby’s immature kidneys”

The third reason did worry me a bit. I mean, whatever happened inside his tummy no one knows, and the side effect might be long term. (Eg: dia sakit perut bila dah tua nanti by that time ntah ntah aku pun dah mati?). So how? Theory v/s practical? I consulted my sister but she said she waited when they were on the dot 6 months. Wow..what a patient lady. Perhaps I could follow suit. Lagikpun tak lama dah, 2 minggu jer lagik. *sabar yer angah*

5. Put almost everything in his mouth. His favorite of course is his own fingers. But I read in an article written by a lactationist (from momslittleones website) that it is okay coz it sooth him. Some excerpt from the article:-

“Kajian menunjukkan bayi memang suka menghisap dan ia tidak dipengaruhi oleh penyusuan. Sesetengah bayi akan menghisap jari apabila mereka merasa penat, bosan, atau perlukan belaian. Bayi anda bukannya lapar.”

It also said I only should be worried if this habit lasts until he is 4 years old. So I let him be for now. Tapi bila baring, ape lagi…jari kaki laa masuk mulut! My officemate said maksudnya Ashman mintak adik? Hahaha…. so funny. Hubby said no wonder orang dulu dulu banyak anak 🙂. Tapi kekadang my baby siap sibuk gigit my story books! Coz at night usually I will read my novel while he is nursing. Tapi kekadang dia pusing kepala nampak my book and gigit pulak my book! Sedap kot, keras? Teether langsung dia tanak pulak. Siapa laa yg cipta teether nie, langsung tak menarik untuk digigit aaa…

6. In reverse cycling mode. Meaning he tends to feed more during the night comparable to the day. Dulu2 tak macam nie, lately dlm sebulan nie ha baru start. In the articles I read, it said amongst the reasons are:-

i. baby too active during the day; [I think so, coz now that he loves looking at things – dia amat excited tengok toddler2 di nursery main. Kengkonon mcm main dengan dia sekalik la.]

ii. mummy is busy during the day; [Nope]

iii. mummy is a working mom [Yes]

However, it said that I’m not supposed to worry on baby’s nutrition intake as long as he has frequent & unlimited access to feeding at night. We can double-check this by monitoring his wetting plenty of diapers, stooling regularly and weight gain. It also emphasized that working mummies may have hard time to cope with this (sleep deprive beb…) but to tackle it through:-

i) getting an earlier sleep [hmm…so I have no time to read or surf the net?]

ii) sleep next to the baby [done..tapi my baby usually change his position in his sleep. Dari melintang jadi menegak pastu melintang balik. So throughout the night we will move almost 360 degrees🙂

iii) don’t feel stress [camne nak atasi nie? I think the daddy kena lah support kasik mummy present. New shoes = less stress? Is my math correct? hehehe….]


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