6 months

Ashman is 6 months old today!!!! It has been 6 months!!!! Can’t believe it has been that long. Can’t believe he used to be 1.66cm when I first met him. Well, I’m happy to say I have been exclusively breastfeeding him for the last 6 months! Yeay!!! It is a big milestone (for me)!

Thank you everyone who help me taking care of him all this while. My husband, my mom, and to the rest…you know who you are.

Now that the little boy is 6 months old – he rolled all over the place. Dulu dia taknak pusing langsung. Makes me worried a bit. Dah plan nak tanya pediatrician about it. Turned out last weekend he decided to roll in front of both of us. Bukan sekali pulak tu, banyak kali! Then terus buat gaya mcm nak merangkak ~ angkat punggung, goyang2 depan belakang. So cute!

And finally he started to wean. I bought the rice cereal for starter. Angah amat excited nak suap dia. So far dia mkn sket2 je, x berapa nak reti lagik.

But last night when I read the part about weaning and baby food in Stoppard’s book, I suddenly became both panic and sad.

PANIC because I know nothing about blending/puree-ing baby food. Zero knowledge. I know there are a lot of baby food in the market nowadays (with very cute jars some more!). But I’m also aware that it is not advisable to 100% rely on them coz of the preservative thingy. I don’t want to be one of those moms who can’t cook for their own kids. Thus I have to learn. Come to think about it, I’d learned everything I can about breastfeeding and manage to do it, so now I guess I have to learn another new task. Tapi panik laa sekejap coz my baby dah masuk 6 months today and I baru terhegeh2 nak baca all about solid foods.

SAD because once he’s into solid food, the amount of BF subsequently will be reduced. I’m so attached to breastfeeding now. It has become my routine. Although in the earlier times (especially during confinement period), BF gave me overwhelming emotion ride ~ tired, sleepy, frustrated, sad, etc (siap gaduh ngan hubby lagik coz of my tiredness), now I really like it. Although it makes me wake up from my cozy sleep almost 5 times every night, it does not seem to bother me anymore. Pelik dekat ofis pun tak rasa ngantuk? Terer la pulak haha…puji diri sendiri. Seriously, kalau tak dulu bila tak cukup tidur sure I jadik grumpy tau.

BF has become a special bonding between me and my baby. No one else can replace my role there and that makes me feel special. Hence, to have ‘less’ of it makes me feel sad. I know it’s for the best and I’m not arguing about it. Only emotionally it makes me sad.

Anyway other than that, we are happy to see him growing well. Even bought him a BUMBO seat to commemorate his 6th months birthday haha! Can’t help it larr..he’s so cute in there! Nanti I upload pics in FB okay.


read & bite

Last weekend, while both of my darlings sleeping, I switch on the TV randomly selecting the channels. I came across CSI Vegas show that was just started. It is the new season 9. Grissom and Sara were no longer there and there’s this new guy Langston (the matrix guy), but looks like Catherine was heading the team. Last time when the spoiler came out about the matrix guy replacing Grissom, I thought he is a new head. Then only I’d realized I have not watched any of the CSI series since my maternity leave! I must have missed a lot of episodes already!!!

CSI series were used to be my favorite. I never missed it, and will watch the re-run on dvds. In contrary with the normal sequence, I started with Miami, then NY, and only lately I’ve been watching the Vegas series (got hooked during the miniature killer time). Prior to that I’m not into Vegas coz of the dim lighting (coz they are the night shift rite). Sabor jer laa tak suka tengok sebab lighting haha. Tapi memang betul… almaklum tv pun tv lama, bila tak berapa clear kepala jadik pening. Tambah lagik cerita mcm tu nak kena pikir. Kalau mcm Miami tu kan clear giler… laut pun tersangat lah biru mcm tak sure dah real ke tak. Btw skang nie hubby dah beli tv baru so tak kisah laa night shift ke day shift kan 🙂.

Anyway, AXN has started showing the new season for CSI: NY as well. Banyak gak aku miss nie… bila lah nak qada’. But do you realized that this is the first season that Vegas change their staff. Bertahan laa 8 season. Kalau macam NY and Miami tu season 2 dah tukar kan.

On a different note, I finally managed to continue my hobby:- reading novels. I have not been into reading novels since Ashman was born. I bought one book during my maternity leave that suria suggested in her blog, (thinking that I have plenty of time to read sebab cuti 2 bulan kan). Langsung tak sempat nak baca!

Not until recently I found my space again. Now that my boy is big enough to be feed on the bed (tak payah dukung lagik) and I don’t really need both of my hands to hold him (coz he is strong enough). So I’ve completed reading a few good books. Not ‘heavy type drama’ kind of books coz I’m reading it at night while BF the boy. So I need a ‘light and entertaining’ type kind of stories. Now I currently reading The Sister’s Keeper. Best jugak cerita tu, but hubby said maybe the movie tak boley show dekat Malaysia coz involve saman2 mak bapak. Bad influence. Maybe ek…

Btw, if my boy realized I’m holding a book while feeding him, dia dengan pantas akan menggigit buku ku itu isk isk… Thus last week I bought him a few hard cover books for him. Kalau masa kita kecik2 dulu very limited choice of books. Asyik baca Peter & Jane and Enid Blyton’s series. But nowadays I’m so happy to see that there are wide arrays of children’s books. Boley berjam jam duduk dekat kinokuniya tu.

Actually I have bought a lot of children books while in States as I got the teacher’s special discount from Scholastic. I still remember the favorite book amongst the toddlers was the eminent Eric Carle’s ~ Caterpillar story. To adult, the story sounds so simple, but perhaps it must be very attractive to the kids. Kalau tak takde lah bebudak tu suka suruh aku baca ulang2. Pastu semalam dah bacakan, hari nie kena baca lagik. Bagus kan.

But none of the books I bought were hard covers. Iyer lah masa tu mengajar toddler, mana lah tau baby loves to bite the book as well! Now only I know! And now my baby has a few books for him to read + bite🙂

Life ain’t like a playground…

Last week I was bombarded with emotion. Grief and problems. Not my problems. But problems of others, those whom are close to me.

Ms A told me she had a row with her mother and they are currently not in speaking term.

Ms B told me that her mission to conceive still does not show any good sign.

Ms C told me her husband divorced her for another girl.

WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD. Adult world. Women’s world. *sigh*.

Of course I can’t solve any of their problems. I think they don’t expect me to solve it, either. They just need me to listen. Thus I just listen. Be a shoulder to cry on. Since my friend mariam passed away, I vowed that I will be a better listener to my friends.

Sometimes I wonder how come life was so easy back then…when we were younger:- full with passion and loving life. No such problems. In fact I was talking to my high school friend yesterday, about how carefree our life back then. We recalled how we use to sit in front of the speedy video (on the floor okay!) to watch the cartoon. *good old days*.

When you cry, it is just because you have fallen down from a bicycle…not because your husband leaves you. Then your mother will certainly pick you up and hug you, giving you comfort and security… rather than being critical and scolded you.

I recently saw my two nephews (btw both were wearing similar transformer shirts which you can get from the Petronas Petrol Station– looks like it’s the in thing amongst the toddlers now!). They were fighting over a Ben10 handphone (which did not belong to either of them, of course). Real fights, with screaming to the top of their lungs and tears. But 5 minutes later they just simply playing together again, as if nothing had happened.

Why can’t we be like that – forgive and forget. Why in the adult world there must be grudge, jealousy, and social expectation. Why the reality has to be bitter. The saddest part is, once the bitter part comes, it seems to swipe away all the happy memories as well. Wash it through the drain. Pity.

I still remember me playing one-to-one basketball with young Nicholas (the young boy I used to take care of back in U.S). His face full with happiness once he made the hoop. Genuine happiness. Unaware of all the world’s problems outside the playground. Of course playground has it own politics as well. But it is easily solve, through forgiveness and handshake. Hug and kisses. Handyplast and Ice pack. If only life is as easy as like in the playground…

At 5.5 months…

At 5½ months, my baby boy……

1. Weighted almost 7 kg. Berat weh nak dukung sekarang. Tapi suka sangat orang dukung. Tak kisah la sesiapa (belum ada stranger anxiety?), janji orang tu dukung dia bawak jengjalan.

2. Curious on everything. He will watch all kind of movements and lights. His favorite now is watching the flow of water. Waktu selsema hari tu we stand by the tap water in the kitchen for hours. Sabor jer anak selsema bagi main air hehe…anything to sooth him I supposed. Dekat luar rumah nenek pun ada small garden fountain, leka jer dia layan.

3. Know how to play with toys. He already has a few toys, mostly gifts from aunties & uncles. Now he can spend one good hour playing with it ~ looking at the colors and listening to the sound. His favorite is still the Lamaze – Tina the Tiger. Berbaloi laa beli. His 2nd favorite is the bright yellow moon that chimes lullaby song hanging on his bouncer, gift from his cousin, Emy. By the way, I really salute whoever creates that classic lullaby song. Very soothing and calming. Even to adult 😉

4. Almost ready to wean. Now he watched attentively while we eat. Kesian pulak tengok. My relatives and friends pun dah pressure me to wean him. But the Stoppard’s book said:-

“Official advice is that milk is suffcient for your baby for the first 6 months, but you may find your friends and relatives pressure you to start weaning your baby earlier.

You should however, resist all such pressure for the following reasons: firstly, breast milk is the only food that your baby needs in the early months. Secondly, the introduction of solids to too young a baby can lessen the desire to suck. Thirdly, until your baby is at least 6 months old his digestive tract is incapable of digesting and absorbing complex foods. If you introduce solids before this time not only will they pass through largely undigested, but you will be putting an increased strain on the baby’s immature kidneys”

The third reason did worry me a bit. I mean, whatever happened inside his tummy no one knows, and the side effect might be long term. (Eg: dia sakit perut bila dah tua nanti by that time ntah ntah aku pun dah mati?). So how? Theory v/s practical? I consulted my sister but she said she waited when they were on the dot 6 months. Wow..what a patient lady. Perhaps I could follow suit. Lagikpun tak lama dah, 2 minggu jer lagik. *sabar yer angah*

5. Put almost everything in his mouth. His favorite of course is his own fingers. But I read in an article written by a lactationist (from momslittleones website) that it is okay coz it sooth him. Some excerpt from the article:-

“Kajian menunjukkan bayi memang suka menghisap dan ia tidak dipengaruhi oleh penyusuan. Sesetengah bayi akan menghisap jari apabila mereka merasa penat, bosan, atau perlukan belaian. Bayi anda bukannya lapar.”

It also said I only should be worried if this habit lasts until he is 4 years old. So I let him be for now. Tapi bila baring, ape lagi…jari kaki laa masuk mulut! My officemate said maksudnya Ashman mintak adik? Hahaha…. so funny. Hubby said no wonder orang dulu dulu banyak anak 🙂. Tapi kekadang my baby siap sibuk gigit my story books! Coz at night usually I will read my novel while he is nursing. Tapi kekadang dia pusing kepala nampak my book and gigit pulak my book! Sedap kot, keras? Teether langsung dia tanak pulak. Siapa laa yg cipta teether nie, langsung tak menarik untuk digigit aaa…

6. In reverse cycling mode. Meaning he tends to feed more during the night comparable to the day. Dulu2 tak macam nie, lately dlm sebulan nie ha baru start. In the articles I read, it said amongst the reasons are:-

i. baby too active during the day; [I think so, coz now that he loves looking at things – dia amat excited tengok toddler2 di nursery main. Kengkonon mcm main dengan dia sekalik la.]

ii. mummy is busy during the day; [Nope]

iii. mummy is a working mom [Yes]

However, it said that I’m not supposed to worry on baby’s nutrition intake as long as he has frequent & unlimited access to feeding at night. We can double-check this by monitoring his wetting plenty of diapers, stooling regularly and weight gain. It also emphasized that working mummies may have hard time to cope with this (sleep deprive beb…) but to tackle it through:-

i) getting an earlier sleep [hmm…so I have no time to read or surf the net?]

ii) sleep next to the baby [done..tapi my baby usually change his position in his sleep. Dari melintang jadi menegak pastu melintang balik. So throughout the night we will move almost 360 degrees🙂

iii) don’t feel stress [camne nak atasi nie? I think the daddy kena lah support kasik mummy present. New shoes = less stress? Is my math correct? hehehe….]