10 fact about me (sheri’s tag)

Nyatakan 5 fakta MENARIK tentang pemberi award ini:

Sheri dearie is a…

i) lovable + adorable + manja gal;
ii) willing to take risk by venturing into a new land, far far away from her comfort zone;
iii) she has this cute cuddly bear on her bed back in taiping, kalu tak silap a Hello Kitty one?
iv) own a unique gorgeous lips 🙂
v) the last time I met her was at our favorite place, KLCC. She was pregnant with her second child at that time.

Setiap blogger mestilah menyatakan 10 fakta atau hobi diri sendiri sebelum memilih penerima award yg seterusnya :

1. I am a lefty. Hold my pen differently. Dulu masa kat Tadika Fatima cikgu dah suruh tukar. Tapi time cikgu tak nampak, cepat2 tukar balik hehe…

2.I love outdoors. Amat suka camping waktu zaman sekolah dulu! Went to Sg. Congkak, Ulu Bendol and ape ker lagik tak ingat nama dah… But have not done so much lately. Now ada baby lagik susah kot? Tapi omputih selalu jek bawak anak kecik camping kan. Perhaps we should try that one day.

3.I love sports. My passion during school is hockey, tapi zaman sekarang nie amat susah nak main hoki so the closest is futsal. Tapi saya tak reti nak score bola. Hehehe…

4.Relates to the above, I’m a die hard Man U fan. No one introduced me to the club, I think I discovered them coincidentally while watching tv. This year will be 15 years supporting them!!! Oh my, sudah lama already. But fergie has always been the manager since I ‘joined’. There were also Scholes, Giggs, and Neville. But they were still so young then. (same with yours truly here ahaks!)

5.I don’t use credit card. Well, let me rephrase that. I don’t use credit card anymore. I did use it, very frequently during my study years abroad (shopping heaven!) and it has eaten me up. Naïve old days. Now I’ve discipline myself not to borrow against future income, and it has given me a peace of mind. So credit card sales personnel please don’t call me.

6.I don’t wear make up. Well, for special event like wedding/dinners ada lah sket2 but not everyday make up. So my hubby amat suka yang saya hanya mengambil masa 15 minit untuk bersiap ke opis.

7.I don’t really tell people secrets coz I don’t trust people (teruk ek?), except some very very close friends. Itu pun amat jarang. The one and only person I tell everything is my soul-mate.

8. I use to underestimate breastfeeding, thought it’s a piece of cake. Now that I experienced it myself only I realized it’s not easy. No wonder a lot of moms quit. Now BF has become my routine. Although I give the nursery 5 bottles of milk everyday, usually dia takkan minum habis. Instead he will drink a lot in the evening and throughout the night (sekarang nie trend dia every hour, seriously).

9. Saya tidur secara mengiring. Dulu2 sebab takut kena tindih dengan *** (duduk asrama beb byk cerita seram!), tapi sekarang nie dah terbiasa. When I was pregnant they said it’s good for your breathing to sleep on your side. My mom also said that Rasulullah sleeps on his right side. So still continue la tidur mengiring until now.

10.I have this habit of scribbling on my notebook while on the phone, or while in a course/seminar whatsoever. Tulis nama sendiri, or nama boyfriend, or try signature baru. Mcm bebudak eh.
There you goes ~ 10 facts/hobbies about me. I think it’s leaning more towards facts as zaman sekarang nie tak berapa nak ada hobi aa…

Next, anda perlu memilih 10 penerima award seterusnye dan describe tentang mereka:
I don’t think I can list 10, coz most of my blogsphere mates have been tag by sheri. I will tag my junior though, farina dearie coz I just found out her blog recently! And to others silent readers yg rajin nak buat, most welcome!

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