The last one!

Last week Ashman was the last kid to be picked up from nursery for 2 days in a row. The last one! (We picked him up at around 7.30pm; apparently the other parents were on time). My heart shattered like broken glass to see him alone like that (well, not really alone coz the teachers were there but it was not the same). Pity him… I felt so low, like I’m not a good mother… and also helpless, as I can’t do anything to prevent this from happening.

I’ve read in the article that at Ashman’s age, we should play and talk to him everyday. How I’m supposed to do that if I only have 15 minutes in the morning and another 1 hour at night? Btw, the precious night hour is also inclusive of me taking my bath, pray, eat and sterilize the bottles while hubby does the laundry.

It is unfair for me to keep begging hubby to leave office early when he has piles of work to do. (*Btw, I’m doing that everyday now*).

It is also not practical to get my mom to fetch the little boy as my boy is still exclusively BF and I don’t really have many stocks left in my mom’s fridge (better simpan untuk emergency masa depan).

I thought about driving by myself to work, but again that means I have to leave office early every morning to avoid traffic jam. Which might means to leave even before the baby wake up? No way! Plus financially, it will cost me extra RM300++ for fuel, toll, and parking per month.

Yet, I have to prevent such incidents to keep on happening. I am the mother thus I have to sacrifice. My mom has sacrificed so much for me and now it is my turn.

Kimora once said in her show that one you arrived home is when your real job starts :-being a mom, being a designer is only her second priority. Family first, work second. Come to think of it, I’m not that interested to climb the corporate ladder. Kerja untuk kepuasan diri and dpt extra income untuk shopping sket2 is sufficient.

There’s a talk I attended back in college where the speaker said if only he can turn back time, he will not missed his son’s soccer game. I will always remember that.

Plus, I don’t want to be like adam sandler’s character in Switch.

I will also remember the story of dear Amir Yusuf who has touched a lot of people’s heart. Although suffering in tremendous pain, his strength and capability of loving has certainly grasped my heart.

Hence I will try experimenting a few options this week, play around with times. See what I can do. It will be my resolution for this year Mother’s Day🙂

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