digging my pensieve

Okay it’s time to do sheri’s tag. It was so long overdue! The thing is as I said before my office now blocked any blogspot link so I only open my friends’ blogspots at home. Which is not that frequent, given that I usually don’t have that much energy left to surf the net after a usually tiring day. Rite now I’m able to do such thing once or twice a week. Talk about blogspot, some friend suggests that I use that as my host coz it looks smoother, but I really sayang my archives, come to think of it I started online blogging since year 2002! OH MY! Lama gilos beb. Am so lazy to move the archives plus don’t think I really have time to do it.

Okie back to business….sheri’s tag:-

List 5 perkara yang lawak+poyo+sengal+mengong and tak bleh nak blah and sewaktu dengannya yang pernah berlaku dalam hidup anda:

*This sounds like an easy tag but quite hard for me. Not that I have not done anything embarrassing, but the thing is I feel so ashamed about it I try to forget it. Put it out of my mind. Sampaikan betul betul terlupa. Seriously. I believe my reason is acceptable from psychologically point of view? Something like suppressed feeling? Or macam Dumbledore use his pensieve to store his memories coz byk sgt dlm kepala otak die hehe..🙂 Whatever, I try my best to dig into my own pensieve okie.**

1. Back in States, while I did my bungee jump…my shirt terselak and people can actually see my bra! And there were quite a crowd at that time! Prior to that I already tuck in my shirt and siap pakai belt, but I guess you just can’t beat gravity *sigh*. I was so embarrassed I did not even watch the video until today.

2.During my first real job (fresh grad time!), I was so nervous I actually langgar cermin bilik my superior. Coz the cermin so clean & clear I can’t see it. Boley percaya ke nie? Hehehe…ngong sungguh…But my superior masa tu baik hati tak gelak pun. Taktau laa kalu dlm hati gelak besar hehe…

3.When I did my first pap smear in University Hospital back in college, I screamed so loud! I think the whole floor can hear me! Masa tu takde la rasa malu sangat coz I’m like a foreigner (meaning bukan jumpa lagik pun they all dah lepas nie). But the next year when I came back the nurse still recognize me from that incident. Meaning I made some memorable impression that day haha!

 4.What else…oh yeah…there’s this story about skittles at the traffic light junction at Jalan Sultan Ismail. Hmm..tapi susah nak cerita laa yg nie. Tarik balik. Hanya mereka yg tahu saja yg tahu hehehe…

4.Oh yeah…once, I took a cab from home to go to KLCC. Actually I was waiting for the bus tapi bus lambat sgt dan kebetulan cab lalu so tahan jer la. Dah sampai separuh jalan I realized I only have 5 bucks in my wallet! And the cab meter waktu tu dah around RM4.90. Immediately I suruh the cab berhenti! Tapi dia amik masa gak nak berhenti, yerla mana boley main berhenti je tgh jln kan. So the fare total up to around RM5.40. I only gave him the RM5 note I had and mintak maaf byk byk so many times that I did not have enough to pay him. The uncle quite pissed, but he let me go. Thank God.

5.When I first sleep-over at my future in-laws house, (tak ingat dah berapa tahun lepas), I wanted to pray so my future mother in law tunjuk laa bilik. Inside the room, laying on the bed were towel and shirt+kain batik. Oh my oh my….seriously. I can’t wear this. Literally, I can’t. So keluar bilik slow2 whisper to my then BF taknak pakai kain batik tu. And he actually told his mom dengan suara yg satu rumah boley dengar that I tak reti pakai kain batik! Hampeh.

That’s it! I managed to list five yeayyy!!! Took almost 2 hours to complete this (including stop intermission to b-feeding my lovely Ashman). Who I should tag next: Huserz, Atik, Faz

Note: If you have been tagged earlier by sheri or others just ignore this, I’m quite behind in this tagging world:-)


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