Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes through my cell or FB. We celebrated it quietly this year, just the three of us. Hubby bought me my favorite Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Cake. So yummy! Tahun depan nak lagik boley tak? 😉

Coincidentally my brother held a tea party on that day, so me and my nephew, adeeb who shares the same birthday with me considered the party as our birthday celebration as well 🙂. Cuma my sis in law ckp imagine jer laa ada cake birthday atas meja tu kweng kweng…

The next day hubby has to work outstation – to Kota Kinabalu. He said “Kena pergi K.K next week.” And my mind was racing so fast:-
“What? K.K? Next week?
Next week exam dah habis!
And K.K is like one of my favorite place!
And next week is our 4th wedding anniversary which I really look forward to!
And he’s leaving me to go outstation on that day????”

Dengan cepatnya ku berkata “Nak ikut!!!” Hubby thought I’m kidding. He did not say so but I think he did coz he did not take it seriously. But after I kept on talking about it only then he realized that I’m serious. Hehehe… I quickly sms my manager asking for her permission (extend cuti lagik 2 hari), thank God boss baik hati.

Baca2 sket online what I needed to do while traveling with a 4-months old infant, then terus booking ticket hooraayy!!! I promised myself I will take good care of Ashman. (coz hubby awal awal dah warning that he will be busy with work so I have to be independent). Cuak gak nak travel naik flight for the first time but I really wanted to go! So terus jadik kuat semangat hehe…

Turned out on the departure date memang aku jadik independent btol. We all tak bawak Mykid Ashman, which is actually required to travel to East Malaysia (I did not read that part in the net – very careless of me!!!). So Hubby took off first and me and Ashman took the later flight. (our dear nephews along & adeeb datang hantarkan Ashman’s mykid). Thank you so much for their help – temankan kitorang kat LCCT sampai the departure hour. If not me and Ashman ala ala stranded macam Tom Hanks huhuhu…

Alhamdulilah Ashman is a very good boy on the flight, tak merengek. Cuma bising sibuk menegur stewardess! Peramah like his daddy! The journey was great (Ashman’s first time on a plane) and we managed to arrive and check in the hotel safely yeayyy!!! I did it all by myself!!!!

Turned out kerja hubby took shorter time than expected. Setengah hari je dah siap instead of the expected 2 days, alhamdulilah so we have plenty time to jalan jalan. Thus we celebrated our anniversary at the soil of Borneo. It was a short but really meaningful trip to me. The three of us, just perfect.

*Thank you hubby for the lovely gift. Semoga hubungan kita sentiasa disulami dengan iman, kasih dan EHSAN hingga ke akhir hayat.


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