intermission – break kejap from study:)

I’ve submitted my homework yeayy!!! But actually nothing to be shouted about as I have exam coming in less than a week. Study wise, of course don’t look quite good. I promised myself to stay up every night but always fall asleep – usually after feeding my little boy. Then I changed my resolution to wake up early – again right after breastfeed coz usually he feeds around 5.30am ++ so perfect timing to study rite? Well, not really. I flipped through my notes and will fall asleep again. Wake up just in time to pray and take my bath to go to work already. Damn.

How come I am so sleepy nowadays? Is it because the irregular sleep hours due to breastfeeding my baby…? Ashman pulak sejak masuk 4 bulan nie bangun malam almost every hour! Dulu dah jarak2 sket, nie tetiba jadik mcm newborn balik. I told hubby Ashman dah jadik baby balik. But he said Ashman memang baby. Hehe…Betul gak kan. Tapi haritu bila hubby babysat Ashman the whole day coz I had seminar, hubby agreed memang dia dah jadik baby balik…sbb asik merengek nak dukung jer hehehe…

Ajar dia pusing macam tak suka, tapi suka sangat bila berdiri. Asik nak melompat aje. Very observance, semua benda dia nak tengok especially benda2 bergerak. We tried our best to bring him jalan2 outside lihat dunia luar with the little time we had. Usually balik kerja dah dekat pukul 7pm so tak boley jalan keluar dah. So every weekend mesti nak bawak dia round – at least ambik angin kat luar. And we tried at least twice a week balik awal. I don’t want my child not to be aware of the world out there.

Another new thing now that he’s 4 months – he has real tears now!. Bila dah nangis dah tangkap leleh leleh sekarang nie. Teresak esak! Manja! Ikut saper ntah hmmm….

Pastu dah suka tengok tv. Dulu2 pasang astro ceria untuk dia tapi some of the cerita tak berapa appropriate so now we all bukak channel TVIQ. Banyak gak cerita bagus utk budak. I bought him his first baby Einstein dvd last week. Heard about it since masa fresh grad dulu (during marketing class kalau tak silap), now dah jadik one of their customer pulak hehe…

And we just discovered he loves to listen to the song Lucky by Jason Mraz tu. Siap gelak gelak lagik. Pelik gak. But we assume that masa pregnant dulu mmg I really love that song selalu pasang dlm kereta ulang2. So dia teringat kot kenangan manis waktu dlm perut dulu? Or he thought that was his mummy + daddy’s voices? Bestnya suara mummy hehehe…

I hope hubby is okay that I have to shift a lot of my attention to the baby now. Yerlah dulu hidup berdua banyak masa spend with each other. Now dah ada yg kecik menjerit jerit selalu kurang laa sket nak bermanja with each other hehehe..But so far hubby has been great. Alhamdulilah. Thanks dear for making my life easier.

Hmm..whatever it is my exam will end on 30th April, just on time for me to celebrate my birthday! Last year tak celebrate sbb morning sickness so this year double bubble celebration laa yek 🙂.

Got to go. I should be studying now… *sigh*


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