Ashman’s paediatrician, Dr. Haliza passed away!


Shocking news! Ashman’s paediatrician, Dr. Haliza passed away! Oh my God…

We were suppose to bring Ashman for 3 months jab last friday. But the day before friday the Ampang Puteri’s nurse called ask us to either postpone the date or change to another paed as Dr. Haliza has an ’emergency’. Since the jab has already been delayed (coz haritu dia demam), we decide to change the paed just for this time. Little that we know actually the doc had been missing since wednesday.

But on friday night, my mom watched Nightline news on tv3 and said Dr. Haliza was missing. And I was like..betul ke mak aku nie. Cam tak caya je. And then terus masuk news semalam polis dah jumpa her body. Together with Dr. Amin Tai’s body as well. Oh my! That was the doctor yg sunatkan Ashman! (he was a paediatric surgeon).

What a big loss…Both me and hubby really like Dr. Haliza coz she will explain in details whatever we ask her. Cthnya tanya pasal hiccup, habis dia cerita pasal breathing-lungs, bla bla… And she really love kids. Baru last week masa dia cek Ashman (time Ashman demam) dia cakap “saya suka betul layan budak macam nie”. Ashman pulak bukan main gelak2 lagik dengan dia..really, a big loss to us. And I believe to a lot of people as well. Ralat betul rasanya…

Excerpt from The Star & NST below:

Missing doctors found dead in ravine

KUALA LUMPUR: The two specialist doctors, missing since Wednesday, were found dead deep in a ravine near the Klang Gates in Ulu Ampang Saturday morning.
Search and rescue teams had a tough time airlifting them out as ravine was thickly forested.
Police believe the two had slipped and fallen when they went hiking at the popular hiker’s place in Bukit Tabuh near Taman Melawati.
Haliza Mohd Shafiee, 53, and Amin Tai Abdullah @ Tai Yen Ming, 57, – a paediatrician and a paediatric surgeon at a medical centre in Ampang – were reported missing since Wednesday.
The families of Haliza and Amin Tai, both fond of jungle trekking, had made police reports when they did not return home Wednesday night, State Chief Police Officer Deputy Commissioner Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar had said Friday
Police received information that Haliza’s car was found Saturday morning. Tracker dogs and a helicopter search spotted the two, said Ampang Deputy OCPD Supt Amiruddin Jamaluddin.
The bodies were found decomposed.

Two missing doctors turn up dead in ravine
By : Lee Shi-Ian

The families of two doctors who lodged missing person reports were informed today that their loved ones had died in a tragic mountain-climbing accident.

The two specialist doctors, who had been reported missing since Wednesday, were found dead deep in a ravine near the Klang Gates in Ulu Ampang this afternoon at 2.15pm.

It was no easy task for search and rescue teams to get to the bodies of Haliza Mohd Shafiee, 53, and Amin Tai Abdullah @ Tai Yen Ming, 57, as the ravine path was dense and nearly impossible to get through.

A helicopter was used to get an aerial view of the ravine and that was when both bodies were spotted. Tracker dogs were later used to determine the exact location of the bodies.

Haliza’s body was brought out of the ravine at 3.30pm while Amin’s body was brought out at 3.45pm. Both bodies were badly decomposed and have been sent to the Kuala Lumpur Medical Centre for a post-mortem.
Haliza, a paediatrician, and Amin, a paediatric surgeon at a medical centre in Ampang, had been reported missing by their respective families since last Wednesday when they failed to return home.

Police believe that the two doctors had slipped and fallen into the ravine as they went hiking at the popular spot in Bukit Tabuh near Taman Melawati. Police got the breakthrough on the location of both doctors by tracking the GPS device in Haliza’s Toyota Latio.

According to closed-circuit television camera images obtained from the hospital, both doctors were seen leaving the hospital’s car park at about 11.30am on Wednesday.

Police found trekking equipment inside the vehicle at the scene and witnesses also claimed that they saw both doctors entering the forest on Wednesday but that was the last time they were seen alive.

The grieving families of both doctors declined to speak to the press when approached at the scene or later at the Kuala Lumpur Medical Centre. Ampang police chief Assistant Commissioner Abdul Jalil Hassan said the deaths of the two doctors had been classified as sudden death as police do not suspect foul play involved


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