happy weekend red devil!

We are off to Ipoh tomorrow to attend Nany’s wedding, perhaps to stop by mariam’s house as well. Doakan kami selamat pergi dan pulang…

But most probably we can’t watch the big game tomorrow nite. Man U vs Liv. In another words, Me vs Him haha… I’m pretty confident with my team now. We’ll see…

Talk about football, the champs league fever has started again. Again, looks like English football dominating the field. I wonder why. Don’t think they are superior than others. Luck perhaps? Tapi tengok Man U punyer game pun berapa kali opponent kena tiang, memang agak lucky aahh. To recall back this time of the year last year, Me + baby in tummy obediently woke up at night to watch the historic finale. The night where we were crowned the best in Europe…

Happy Weekend everyone!

*Congrats Nini + Mudin on the arrival of their long awaited lovely twins, Wan Yusuf Hadif & Wan Nawal Najah.


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