sending him to the nursery…

Today is the first day we send little Ashman to nursery. I was the nervous one, dari malam tadi sibuk mengemas beg dia – macam la die nak pergi berhari hari. My sister said to give 10 oz of the expressed breast milk, but I’m worried he’ll be hungry so I gave more. My sister said to give 1 feeding bottle, but I gave 3 bottles! haha..nervous freak.

Now the baby is not around, I suppose to do a bit of clean up (so nanti bila dah start kerja takde la kelam kabut). But it has been 2 hours since I came back from nursery and I have not started any cleaning yet. (well, I did pump 6 oz of milk).

The house feels so weird now that the baby is not around. Now that I can surf the net, go to the bathroom or even sleep freely; I just don’t feel like it. Weird huh. Seriously. Coz I am the kind of person who really likes being at home; enjoying my own sweet time and have some privacy.

Tapi balik jer dari nursery, the first thing I saw was his comforter+pillow set and it really hit me that I already miss him so much. Even he is such a small baby, I feel the house is so damn EMPTY. I even miss the feeling of him hanging at my breast. How can you miss something that would scream non-stop at 2am in the morning? Amazing how love works, huh. Kalau diikutkan hati & perasaan, nak je aku drive pergi pick-up dia sekarang juga! 🙂


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