an unconditional love

tomorrow will be the last weekday the little boy staying at home with me before I go back to work. Next monday he’ll begin to go to his nursery. Hopefully the place is good. Can’t believe it is already 2 months! Alhamdulilah so far our journey together has been great.

He has developed so much since the day he was born. Obviously he has gained both weight & length (berat nak dukung weh), even some clothes for 6-months fit him nicely now. He also can talk now, and loves it when we talk to him. I can put him down and talk for half an hour – borak laa macam2 & nyanyi. (kalau dulu letak 5 minit je atas mattress terus nak nangis).

His eyesight has developed, too. He can focus on moving objects for instance he now watch+listen attentively to the bear mobile set in the baby cot while I take my bath or pray (thanks Auntie Nany for the gift!). He also recognizes our faces now(before I think he only recognizes the voice).

Not only his neck is stronger now, he also able to lift his head for a few seconds now when his lying down on the stomach. Siap boley ‘mengesot’ (betul ke eja nie?). Tidur atas tilam dia tapi sejam lepas tu ntah macamana die mengesot sampai bawah ketiak daddy nya hehe🙂

Hubby having so much fun now bringing the baby jalan2 in the front-carrying carrier we bought (ala2 kangaroo gitu). Lucky Ashman loves it, in fact siap tertido kekadang bila dlm tu. Masa nak beli tu risau gak takut dia tak suka membazir pulak. But so far we have make a good use of all the carrying equipments – carrier, car seat, stroller. Semuanya dia duduk tanpa tangisan yeayy! Rasanya Ashman nie mcm daddy dia la suka jalan2.

So next week I’m back to work. My part time INCEIF class has also started again. Life is back to normal. I’m quite excited to go back to work coz dah lama giler cuti (no more watching replay of American Idol or Amazing Race). But the reality is my life will never be the same as before. Although I’m not ready to be a full-time housewife just yet, how I wish I could work somewhere more flexible (for example half-day) so that I can spend ample time with our little boy. Yerla, sampai rumah dari ofis dah around 8pm, mana sempat nak main2 lagik dgn dia? kesian dia kan…

In spite of the sleep deprivation, tiredness, constant crying, etc, etc, I love my boy so much. It is what they said an unconditional love. As I said tomorrow will be the last weekday we’ll be together-gether before I start going back to work; so esok kita pamper dia lebey2 sket hehehe… can’t help it lar😉


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