outing to KLCC yeayy!

We had successfully brought the little one to KLCC twice. Using both the car seat and stroller. Belum cukup 2 bulan pun, tapi dah cukup la 40 hari. Tak tahan la nak tunggu 2 bulan (mummy nyer yg tak tahan hehe).

I told hubby lepas nie boley try pergi jalan tempat lain pulak (again, mummy nyer sebenarnya yang nak jalan). Cubaan pertama dekat KLCC dulu coz the place was very near our house, naik elevated highway terus sampai. Another reason is that we are very familiar with the place, so dah tau kedai2 ape nak pergi, where is the place to eat, lift dekat mana etc. I don’t want to venture to new place with the little one gelisah dalam stroller. Coz si kecik nie kalau stroller tak gerak die mula lah nak nangis. So the journey has to be smooth, bak kate angah nak pasangkan dia punya seatbelt pun kena dlm 5 saat je hihi… Bila dia start gelisah kena dukung la kejap, or else nangis aaa. Lucky hubby ada boley gilir2 dukung (hubby actually dukung lama coz me tak larat tangan lenguh beb nak shopping lagik hehe)

I actually felt guilty that sometimes hubby has to let go his normal schedule (i.e sports, sleep) so he can accompany me to take care of the little one. But I am not purposely selfish, I really need him sometimes. I don’t know how other mothers do this alone, but I can’t.

Hopefully he is enjoying taking care of the baby as much as I do. Actually I think he is better than me sometimes. For example kekadang baby taknak tidur on my lap tapi bila hubby peluk dia tertidur. Lagikla manja si kecik nie asik kena peluk jer. We are like the source of comfort to him. Good lar, kasik bonding bonding kan.

Alamak baby dah nangis. tata.


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