random preggy moments

Β So far alhamdulilah our baby is okay. Takde bangun nangis malam2. Some of my friends said perhaps because masa pregnant dulu aku dah sakit teruk so sekarang nie dipermudahkan. Yerla, Allah tu Maha Adil kan. Talk about pregnancy, memang masih terbayang bayang my early pregnancy dulu. Muntah merata rata – carpark, sidewalk, porch, atas katil, atas lantai. Almost everywhere la. Geli pulak bila ingat balik hihi.

Some of my random pregnancy moments:-

1.I hated the smell of soap (and any other fragrance for that matter). I was using dove soap at that moment, so I have to take it out from my bathroom and use the unscented dettol instead. I have to bear the smell of toothpaste sbb nak gosok gigi kan…takkan tak gosok pulak hehe…

2.I loved the smell of hubby –especially bila dia balik kerja. Which is unusual coz pre-pregnancy kalau balik kerja papehal kena mandi dulu la kan πŸ˜‰. Tapi sekarang nie baby suka sleep dgn hubby – sebab masa dalam perut dulu dia dah suka bau kotπŸ™‚

3.I had difficulty to turn knobs – door knobs, stoves, pipes. Selalu pusing salah arah. Weird, huh.

4.No cravings at all. Only I could not bear rice for the first four months. Cuma minggu terakhir tu je aku sibuk nak makan waffles, popiah basah and cheese cake. One day before deliver tu terasa nak makan kat Chillies.

5.Became easily afraid of things, such as darkness & horror movies. Even nak tengok CSI pun jadik takut. So I watch re-run of One Tree Hill instead.

6.I hate shopping. Hubby suka la tu tak payah teman lelama bertenggek dekat KLCC haha! Tapi sekarang nie bila masuk kedai baby aku terasa amat pelik kenapa sebelum nie mcm tak nampak baju2 baby yg cute di depan mata hihi… Tapi bagus gak duit yg save tu dpt bayar for my c-sect.

7.Bila dah pregnant baru tau sebenarnya the due date given is for 10 months. Then why people always said “mengandung 9 bulan” yek.

Anyone want to share their moments?


back to work babe!

This is my third day working. So far things are going on smoothly. Surprisingly on my first day I can log in to the pc and office email normally although my pc has been ‘sleeping’ for 2 months. (It is a surprise coz usually we will encounter problem to log into our pc once we are away for days).

My boss has started giving me tasks here and there. I need to refresh my memory on some technical terms (baru cuti 2 bulan dah luper!), but I’m glad. After resting for 2 months, I am looking forward to have things to do on my plate. Need to exercise those brain muscles, huh. Plus after taking a lot of MCs during my pregnancy (not to mention the nap time taken during working hours), it is time to repay back my boss’s kindness.

On the other note, it is quite a challenge to express milk in the office. First of all, the fridge is located at a different floor. Next, since there is no sterilizer, I need to clean up the pump with hot water every time after expressing. Plus the pantry (where the fridge is located) is locked by 5.30pm, so by hook or by crook I need to leave the office early to ensure the milk is not spoilt. In spite of those challenges, so far I have manage to express at least 10 oz/day. Thanks to the AKLEH highway, we are successful to keep the milk insulated for the last 3 days. But not sure what will happen in the future, for example if I have late evening meeting, heavy raining + traffic jam, etc. Whatever it is, I will try my best to fully breastfeed the little one. Bila terasa penat mengepam tu, I will imagine his cute face and how he needs my milk to motivate myself, hehe…

Alhamdulilah, Ashman is doing great so far at the nursery. We send him around 7.30am in the morning and pick him up around 6.30pm (that’s the earliest we can reach home). Hubby and I have agreed that if we can’t make it by 6.30pm, we will ask my mum to pick him up. Since he spend long hours at the nursery, I have been pampering him a bit at night. I let him sleep on my hand for hours. Weekend nie nak main dgn Ashman puas2! No wonder budak sekarang nie manja, I guess one of the reasons is parents themselves pampering them out of guilt.

Weekend nie nak bawak Ashman jalan2. Visit his cousins, and mummy hopes to drop by shopping mall to get some new clothes. Baju kerja byk tak muat beb! Kalau timbang berat, I have gained only 3 extra kg to compare with pre-pregnancy weight. But apparently the 3 kg tu mcm byk siott. Ntah bila la nak turun tu. I wanted to start dieting (i.e skip dinner, skip rice) but my doctor brother is against it since I am currently breastfeed. Hmmm…


sending him to the nursery…

Today is the first day we send little Ashman to nursery. I was the nervous one, dari malam tadi sibuk mengemas beg dia – macam la die nak pergi berhari hari. My sister said to give 10 oz of the expressed breast milk, but I’m worried he’ll be hungry so I gave more. My sister said to give 1 feeding bottle, but I gave 3 bottles! haha..nervous freak.

Now the baby is not around, I suppose to do a bit of clean up (so nanti bila dah start kerja takde la kelam kabut). But it has been 2 hours since I came back from nursery and I have not started any cleaning yet. (well, I did pump 6 oz of milk).

The house feels so weird now that the baby is not around. Now that I can surf the net, go to the bathroom or even sleep freely; I just don’t feel like it. Weird huh. Seriously. Coz I am the kind of person who really likes being at home; enjoying my own sweet time and have some privacy.

Tapi balik jer dari nursery, the first thing I saw was his comforter+pillow set and it really hit me that I already miss him so much. Even he is such a small baby, I feel the house is so damn EMPTY. I even miss the feeling of him hanging at my breast. How can you miss something that would scream non-stop at 2am in the morning? Amazing how love works, huh. Kalau diikutkan hati & perasaan, nak je aku drive pergi pick-up dia sekarang juga! πŸ™‚

an unconditional love

tomorrow will be the last weekday the little boy staying at home with me before I go back to work. Next monday he’ll begin to go to his nursery. Hopefully the place is good. Can’t believe it is already 2 months! Alhamdulilah so far our journey together has been great.

He has developed so much since the day he was born. Obviously he has gained both weight & length (berat nak dukung weh), even some clothes for 6-months fit him nicely now. He also can talk now, and loves it when we talk to him. I can put him down and talk for half an hour – borak laa macam2 & nyanyi. (kalau dulu letak 5 minit je atas mattress terus nak nangis).

His eyesight has developed, too. He can focus on moving objects for instance he now watch+listen attentively to the bear mobile set in the baby cot while I take my bath or pray (thanks Auntie Nany for the gift!). He also recognizes our faces now(before I think he only recognizes the voice).

Not only his neck is stronger now, he also able to lift his head for a few seconds now when his lying down on the stomach. Siap boley ‘mengesot’ (betul ke eja nie?). Tidur atas tilam dia tapi sejam lepas tu ntah macamana die mengesot sampai bawah ketiak daddy nya heheπŸ™‚

Hubby having so much fun now bringing the baby jalan2 in the front-carrying carrier we bought (ala2 kangaroo gitu). Lucky Ashman loves it, in fact siap tertido kekadang bila dlm tu. Masa nak beli tu risau gak takut dia tak suka membazir pulak. But so far we have make a good use of all the carrying equipments – carrier, car seat, stroller. Semuanya dia duduk tanpa tangisan yeayy! Rasanya Ashman nie mcm daddy dia la suka jalan2.

So next week I’m back to work. My part time INCEIF class has also started again. Life is back to normal. I’m quite excited to go back to work coz dah lama giler cuti (no more watching replay of American Idol or Amazing Race). But the reality is my life will never be the same as before. Although I’m not ready to be a full-time housewife just yet, how I wish I could work somewhere more flexible (for example half-day) so that I can spend ample time with our little boy. Yerla, sampai rumah dari ofis dah around 8pm, mana sempat nak main2 lagik dgn dia? kesian dia kan…

In spite of the sleep deprivation, tiredness, constant crying, etc, etc, I love my boy so much. It is what they said an unconditional love. As I said tomorrow will be the last weekday we’ll be together-gether before I start going back to work; so esok kita pamper dia lebey2 sket hehehe… can’t help it larπŸ˜‰

outing to KLCC yeayy!

We had successfully brought the little one to KLCC twice. Using both the car seat and stroller. Belum cukup 2 bulan pun, tapi dah cukup la 40 hari. Tak tahan la nak tunggu 2 bulan (mummy nyer yg tak tahan hehe).

I told hubby lepas nie boley try pergi jalan tempat lain pulak (again, mummy nyer sebenarnya yang nak jalan). Cubaan pertama dekat KLCC dulu coz the place was very near our house, naik elevated highway terus sampai. Another reason is that we are very familiar with the place, so dah tau kedai2 ape nak pergi, where is the place to eat, lift dekat mana etc. I don’t want to venture to new place with the little one gelisah dalam stroller. Coz si kecik nie kalau stroller tak gerak die mula lah nak nangis. So the journey has to be smooth, bak kate angah nak pasangkan dia punya seatbelt pun kena dlm 5 saat je hihi… Bila dia start gelisah kena dukung la kejap, or else nangis aaa. Lucky hubby ada boley gilir2 dukung (hubby actually dukung lama coz me tak larat tangan lenguh beb nak shopping lagik hehe)

I actually felt guilty that sometimes hubby has to let go his normal schedule (i.e sports, sleep) so he can accompany me to take care of the little one. But I am not purposely selfish, I really need him sometimes. I don’t know how other mothers do this alone, but I can’t.

Hopefully he is enjoying taking care of the baby as much as I do. Actually I think he is better than me sometimes. For example kekadang baby taknak tidur on my lap tapi bila hubby peluk dia tertidur. Lagikla manja si kecik nie asik kena peluk jer. We are like the source of comfort to him. Good lar, kasik bonding bonding kan.

Alamak baby dah nangis. tata.