Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!!! and Happy Holiday!!!

As I am on maternity leave, I don’t actually care of public holidays nowadays. But as it also means hubby gets days off I become happy as well coz takde laa boring sengsorang kat rumah. I’ve counted that throughout my maternity leave, there are 7 public holidays altogether! rugi kan hehe…

Our baby is doing great. Me and angah brought him jalan2 outside yesterday, rasmikan his Mclaren stroller. Bukan main syiok die tgk dunia luar. I’ve realised lately now he becomes more attached to us. Kengkadang nak tidur atas riba, bila letak je nangis. Drama betulšŸ˜‰. At the moment I’m typing this entry, he actually sleeping cozily on hubby’s tummy. Before that nangis2, letak je atas perut terus diam haha! Hubby pun tengah dok layan tv citer pasal pelantar minyak so he don’t mind.

Also now I’m having fun dressing him up. Coz sebelum nie banyak baju die yang longgar, now that he’s 5 weeks old baju newborn semua dah ngam. Plus there are a lot of cute mittens and socks! Tapi tak lama lagik sure dah tak muat baju yg size newborn tu. Lucky we didn’t buy a lot as I followed my sister’s advice to buy only around 4 pieces newborn wear (during my pregnancy time I’m not that strong to shop so it’s easy to control my shopping habit). The rest of newborn clothes are gift from others (coz the gift set are usually newborn size).

On the other note, do you think Man U can win the league this season? I think it is still a 50-50 thing to say now. Although it’s quite ecstatic to watch them win against Chelsea last week, the Blues did not really give their best performance at that time. Btw, now the EPL is halfway down the road, I think it’s time for me to use my fantasy football wildcard. But I have yet to have sufficient time to think which players to choose. Changing 1 player each week only takes me 5 minutes, but to change all 11 players…with my baby becomes more manja than ever. Hmmm…


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