ashman is one month!

Our baby reached 1 month old last weekend. Alhamdulilah, we made it to 1 month! Rasa macam sekejap je, (tapi bila die nangis malam rasa lamanya mak oii!!! haha).

Anyway, he has grown now compared to last month. Although I don’t have baby’s weighing scale, I think he has gain weight. Dulu kecik je, nak dukung pun rasa mcm precious giler. In fact when I lifted him on the day he was born rasa mcm pegang anak kucing. So light and small. (coz aku pun jakun tak pernah dukung baby newborn kan).

Now boley tahan laa ada isi dah pipi nya😉. Dukung pun kalau dah setengah jam tu boley tahan lenguh. Tapi sebab tulang die dah quite strong (including the neck part), I can now hold him with one hand. So boley la gak dukung sambil jalan pi dapur / baca internet etc etc.

We can also hear his voice now. Before this yang keluar dari mulut die cuma tangisan je. Skang dah ada bunyi selain menangis. Of course me and hubby were excited to hear it. Plus he smiles now when we talk to him. Cepatlah besar yer sayang!


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