taking care of a newborn

It is really challenging taking care of a newborn. At least for me it is. Since the day our lovely Muhammad Ashman Ehsan was born (24 days ago), I had to drop my regular schedule totally. My mom will come to release me in the mid morning, so that is the time for me to take bath and eat (regardless you are hungry or not). No wonder my sister yg ada 5 orang anak makan laju betol…

I no longer eat 100% for pleasure. I just make sure I had enough carbo + protein + vege to stay healthy and strong so I can take care of him. Also need to make sure I drink enough fluid so my milk supply is sufficient. He drinks a lot now. No wonder we have 2 breasts! 😉

Masa first day dulu he drank very little but rather slept throughout the day sampai hubby risau. Siap panggil nurse tapi nurse cakap mmg normal baby first day sleep lama coz dia still rasa mcm duduk dlm womb.

Then you can’t go to bathroom freely when nature calls. Macamana nak pergi kalau masa tu die tengah mengamuk nangis or breastfeeding kan. Plus Ashman loves to cuddle (like his parents I suppose) so even when he closes his eyes, he prefers didukung or at least dipeluk.

I manage to rob a few minutes to surf the net whenever hubby is around. Itu pun selalunya tak boley lama, nak arrange my fantasy football players pun tak sempat.

Oh no he cried now I gotta go…(I told you so).


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