Muhammad Ashman Ehsan

As the clock almost strucked 12.00 midnite, I woke up hubby (he was so tired due to sleepless night). We wished each other Happy New Year 2009 and kissed. I could hear very noisy fireworks (+ and noisy neighbors) outside, but all I could focus on was the tranquility and joy in our bedroom; as the baby sleeping peacefully in between us. It was a very beautiful way to end the year 08 and to start a new year for both of us.

Now it has been 17 days since the BIG day and my c-sect wound is healing, I feel a lot better. I had started watch tv and surfing the net again. At least I won’t be too bored being in confinement. I was telling hubby how my feeling was torn apart; that I sometimes feel bored and lonely coz of the maternity leave but at the same time I don’t want the leave to be over so soon as that means I can’t look after our darling Muhammad Ashman Ehsan everyday.

Thanks to everyone who came and visited our little hero during the weekend. Although I’m a bit tired, I don’t mind at all. It makes me really happy to know that Ashman has many caring aunties & unclesšŸ™‚.

Some of my friends asked about our hero’s name. My friend asked whether we have thought about it years back masa zaman bercintan cintun. Hahaha of course not. Well, of course we think about names back then (masa zaman bergayut on the phone) but nothing ever stick.

We only thought about names seriously only when my pregnancy reach around 6-7 months. (Before that I only called him ‘baby’ when I talked to him while he was still in my tummy). Later tetiba rasa time dah nak due dan takde nama, panik jugak! hahaha. I surfed the baby’s names online and browsed through my sister’s books on names so many times. Susah jugak nak letak nama nie coz it is something so permanent kan. We shortlisted a few names; amongst others were Haikal, Adam, Armand, Ian but we both agrees the name Ashman best suites his character (as far as we know him being in my tummy for 9 months).

As we don’t want his name to begin with the letter A; we added Muhammad in front (and of course because it is the prophet S.A.W’s name). And we later thought to add the name Ehsan at the back coz that’s where me and hubby met for the first time.

Well, it’s not like love at first sight (at least not for me). I met hubby for the first time when I was a new student at a boarding school. I was placed in class 1 Ehsan. I have to introduce myself in front of the whole class, and when I said my name – there he was; sitting in front of the class laughing at my name! (well, I am not sure exactly why he laughed, but it was at the moment when I uttered my name).

Well, we thought it is a good way to remember how we first met each other. Plus the meaning is very good, Ehsan literally means good. So there it goes, daripada niatku nak letakkan namanya satu perkataan terus jadik 3 perkataan! Tak kisahlah, janji baby membesar jadik budak yg beriman + baik yer sayang. muahhsssss


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