Our boy is 2 weeks old

Happy New Year 2009!!!
Sorry I have not been updating the blog. I’m still trying to adapt the new motherhood life🙂

Our baby is 2 weeks old today, yeayy!!! So far he has been a wonderful baby. Only cries when he’s hungry. Still we find it is difficult to wake up every 1-2 hour to feed him. Looks like we have been too comfortable for far too long.

In spite of the tiredness and sleep deprivation, I love taking care of him. For the first few days, I can’t even let him out of my sight! Macamana lah nak start kerja nanti nie. Why maternity leave has to be so short!!!

Hubby on the other hand is such a great companion. Coz I had a c-sect operation (coz baby’s last position is frank breech and very risky for both me and him if we pursue the normal way), I was unable to do any house chores. My job is simply to feed the baby and express the milk. Hubby helps with the rest:- bath the baby, change the diaper, do the laundry, sterilise the bottles, etc, etc. Thank you darling!

Most importantly, he is here for me emotionally. You know, post-partum can be very depressing. I have a whole new respect to single mothers out there having to raise their babies alone. I don’t think I can manage that. 

My mom will come and send food for lunch and dinner everyday. My mom has this stand that we as parents should take care of our own baby. Barulah independent and dapat belajar parenting. All my sibblings kalau time berpantang memang tak berpantang rumah my mom; instead she will come and help where needed. But usually dia tak masuk campur urusan jaga baby.

So me and hubby, both being virgin-baby (tak pernah jaga baby) are really learning on our own experiences rite now (and through reading Dr. Stoppard’s book). We also learned quite a lot from the maternity and nursery staff at Ampang Puteri. There were extremely helpful and willing to assist at any time. I can’t remember how many times we press the buzzer to get their help. Thank you so much!

Of course thanks to the doctors and OT staff who did a very good job, plus keeping me calm throughout. I did not feel a thing when the anaesthetic did the spinal, thank God. (actually sblm masuk OT tu agak nervous sket asik terasa macam nak pergi toilet je hehe). Plus I was wondering where was hubby, rupanya bila dah inject baru die dipanggil masuk. Alhamdulilah, everything was over in half and hour and I heard our hero cry for the first time. Kuat siot, hehe…

Thanks everyone for your wishes and gifts. I’ll update some more soon. Banyak lagik nak certa tapi nanti meleret leret pulak. Enjoy the New Year 09!!! I believe it’s going to be a great one for us this year🙂

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