Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!!! and Happy Holiday!!!

As I am on maternity leave, I don’t actually care of public holidays nowadays. But as it also means hubby gets days off I become happy as well coz takde laa boring sengsorang kat rumah. I’ve counted that throughout my maternity leave, there are 7 public holidays altogether! rugi kan hehe…

Our baby is doing great. Me and angah brought him jalan2 outside yesterday, rasmikan his Mclaren stroller. Bukan main syiok die tgk dunia luar. I’ve realised lately now he becomes more attached to us. Kengkadang nak tidur atas riba, bila letak je nangis. Drama betul😉. At the moment I’m typing this entry, he actually sleeping cozily on hubby’s tummy. Before that nangis2, letak je atas perut terus diam haha! Hubby pun tengah dok layan tv citer pasal pelantar minyak so he don’t mind.

Also now I’m having fun dressing him up. Coz sebelum nie banyak baju die yang longgar, now that he’s 5 weeks old baju newborn semua dah ngam. Plus there are a lot of cute mittens and socks! Tapi tak lama lagik sure dah tak muat baju yg size newborn tu. Lucky we didn’t buy a lot as I followed my sister’s advice to buy only around 4 pieces newborn wear (during my pregnancy time I’m not that strong to shop so it’s easy to control my shopping habit). The rest of newborn clothes are gift from others (coz the gift set are usually newborn size).

On the other note, do you think Man U can win the league this season? I think it is still a 50-50 thing to say now. Although it’s quite ecstatic to watch them win against Chelsea last week, the Blues did not really give their best performance at that time. Btw, now the EPL is halfway down the road, I think it’s time for me to use my fantasy football wildcard. But I have yet to have sufficient time to think which players to choose. Changing 1 player each week only takes me 5 minutes, but to change all 11 players…with my baby becomes more manja than ever. Hmmm…


ashman is one month!

Our baby reached 1 month old last weekend. Alhamdulilah, we made it to 1 month! Rasa macam sekejap je, (tapi bila die nangis malam rasa lamanya mak oii!!! haha).

Anyway, he has grown now compared to last month. Although I don’t have baby’s weighing scale, I think he has gain weight. Dulu kecik je, nak dukung pun rasa mcm precious giler. In fact when I lifted him on the day he was born rasa mcm pegang anak kucing. So light and small. (coz aku pun jakun tak pernah dukung baby newborn kan).

Now boley tahan laa ada isi dah pipi nya😉. Dukung pun kalau dah setengah jam tu boley tahan lenguh. Tapi sebab tulang die dah quite strong (including the neck part), I can now hold him with one hand. So boley la gak dukung sambil jalan pi dapur / baca internet etc etc.

We can also hear his voice now. Before this yang keluar dari mulut die cuma tangisan je. Skang dah ada bunyi selain menangis. Of course me and hubby were excited to hear it. Plus he smiles now when we talk to him. Cepatlah besar yer sayang!

taking care of a newborn

It is really challenging taking care of a newborn. At least for me it is. Since the day our lovely Muhammad Ashman Ehsan was born (24 days ago), I had to drop my regular schedule totally. My mom will come to release me in the mid morning, so that is the time for me to take bath and eat (regardless you are hungry or not). No wonder my sister yg ada 5 orang anak makan laju betol…

I no longer eat 100% for pleasure. I just make sure I had enough carbo + protein + vege to stay healthy and strong so I can take care of him. Also need to make sure I drink enough fluid so my milk supply is sufficient. He drinks a lot now. No wonder we have 2 breasts! 😉

Masa first day dulu he drank very little but rather slept throughout the day sampai hubby risau. Siap panggil nurse tapi nurse cakap mmg normal baby first day sleep lama coz dia still rasa mcm duduk dlm womb.

Then you can’t go to bathroom freely when nature calls. Macamana nak pergi kalau masa tu die tengah mengamuk nangis or breastfeeding kan. Plus Ashman loves to cuddle (like his parents I suppose) so even when he closes his eyes, he prefers didukung or at least dipeluk.

I manage to rob a few minutes to surf the net whenever hubby is around. Itu pun selalunya tak boley lama, nak arrange my fantasy football players pun tak sempat.

Oh no he cried now I gotta go…(I told you so).

Muhammad Ashman Ehsan

As the clock almost strucked 12.00 midnite, I woke up hubby (he was so tired due to sleepless night). We wished each other Happy New Year 2009 and kissed. I could hear very noisy fireworks (+ and noisy neighbors) outside, but all I could focus on was the tranquility and joy in our bedroom; as the baby sleeping peacefully in between us. It was a very beautiful way to end the year 08 and to start a new year for both of us.

Now it has been 17 days since the BIG day and my c-sect wound is healing, I feel a lot better. I had started watch tv and surfing the net again. At least I won’t be too bored being in confinement. I was telling hubby how my feeling was torn apart; that I sometimes feel bored and lonely coz of the maternity leave but at the same time I don’t want the leave to be over so soon as that means I can’t look after our darling Muhammad Ashman Ehsan everyday.

Thanks to everyone who came and visited our little hero during the weekend. Although I’m a bit tired, I don’t mind at all. It makes me really happy to know that Ashman has many caring aunties & uncles🙂.

Some of my friends asked about our hero’s name. My friend asked whether we have thought about it years back masa zaman bercintan cintun. Hahaha of course not. Well, of course we think about names back then (masa zaman bergayut on the phone) but nothing ever stick.

We only thought about names seriously only when my pregnancy reach around 6-7 months. (Before that I only called him ‘baby’ when I talked to him while he was still in my tummy). Later tetiba rasa time dah nak due dan takde nama, panik jugak! hahaha. I surfed the baby’s names online and browsed through my sister’s books on names so many times. Susah jugak nak letak nama nie coz it is something so permanent kan. We shortlisted a few names; amongst others were Haikal, Adam, Armand, Ian but we both agrees the name Ashman best suites his character (as far as we know him being in my tummy for 9 months).

As we don’t want his name to begin with the letter A; we added Muhammad in front (and of course because it is the prophet S.A.W’s name). And we later thought to add the name Ehsan at the back coz that’s where me and hubby met for the first time.

Well, it’s not like love at first sight (at least not for me). I met hubby for the first time when I was a new student at a boarding school. I was placed in class 1 Ehsan. I have to introduce myself in front of the whole class, and when I said my name – there he was; sitting in front of the class laughing at my name! (well, I am not sure exactly why he laughed, but it was at the moment when I uttered my name).

Well, we thought it is a good way to remember how we first met each other. Plus the meaning is very good, Ehsan literally means good. So there it goes, daripada niatku nak letakkan namanya satu perkataan terus jadik 3 perkataan! Tak kisahlah, janji baby membesar jadik budak yg beriman + baik yer sayang. muahhsssss

Our boy is 2 weeks old

Happy New Year 2009!!!
Sorry I have not been updating the blog. I’m still trying to adapt the new motherhood life🙂

Our baby is 2 weeks old today, yeayy!!! So far he has been a wonderful baby. Only cries when he’s hungry. Still we find it is difficult to wake up every 1-2 hour to feed him. Looks like we have been too comfortable for far too long.

In spite of the tiredness and sleep deprivation, I love taking care of him. For the first few days, I can’t even let him out of my sight! Macamana lah nak start kerja nanti nie. Why maternity leave has to be so short!!!

Hubby on the other hand is such a great companion. Coz I had a c-sect operation (coz baby’s last position is frank breech and very risky for both me and him if we pursue the normal way), I was unable to do any house chores. My job is simply to feed the baby and express the milk. Hubby helps with the rest:- bath the baby, change the diaper, do the laundry, sterilise the bottles, etc, etc. Thank you darling!

Most importantly, he is here for me emotionally. You know, post-partum can be very depressing. I have a whole new respect to single mothers out there having to raise their babies alone. I don’t think I can manage that. 

My mom will come and send food for lunch and dinner everyday. My mom has this stand that we as parents should take care of our own baby. Barulah independent and dapat belajar parenting. All my sibblings kalau time berpantang memang tak berpantang rumah my mom; instead she will come and help where needed. But usually dia tak masuk campur urusan jaga baby.

So me and hubby, both being virgin-baby (tak pernah jaga baby) are really learning on our own experiences rite now (and through reading Dr. Stoppard’s book). We also learned quite a lot from the maternity and nursery staff at Ampang Puteri. There were extremely helpful and willing to assist at any time. I can’t remember how many times we press the buzzer to get their help. Thank you so much!

Of course thanks to the doctors and OT staff who did a very good job, plus keeping me calm throughout. I did not feel a thing when the anaesthetic did the spinal, thank God. (actually sblm masuk OT tu agak nervous sket asik terasa macam nak pergi toilet je hehe). Plus I was wondering where was hubby, rupanya bila dah inject baru die dipanggil masuk. Alhamdulilah, everything was over in half and hour and I heard our hero cry for the first time. Kuat siot, hehe…

Thanks everyone for your wishes and gifts. I’ll update some more soon. Banyak lagik nak certa tapi nanti meleret leret pulak. Enjoy the New Year 09!!! I believe it’s going to be a great one for us this year🙂