we are almost there…

Our last check-up at APSH shows that everything is okay, alhamdulilah. From the scan, the doc said that we are almost there… Hubby genuinely looks very happy with that fact. Ironically, I am the one who suddenly become nervous + panic with 101 questions in my mind… questions revolving around delivery, post-partum, baby care, etc, etc.

Theoretically I am ready. Nowadays resources are at your fingertip thus I have read all kind of books and good websites on the related issues. I’ve studied things that I have never heard before like sterilizing bottles, EBM, and term as alien as episiotomy. But obviously these are not like the SPM exam where you just memorize things and give your answers on papers. This is real-life and the books keep on saying every pregnancy / birth / baby is different, so you’ll never know… *huh*

Furthermore, more than a dozen people have reminded us to enjoy the peace and quiet in our house right now while it lasts, as it will not be there again for a long time. This freaks me out a bit. Certainly I am aware of this piece of information, but I am not sure whether we are ready to embrace it. Of course undeniably I am very happy on the arrival of the cute little one. But the fact that we have been together, just the two of us for 3 years and now things are going to change…hmmm, this will be interesting.

Tying the knot quite at early age, we have both agreed to postpone parenthood a bit and just enjoy our marriage. Really getting to know each other and seize the world together. Well, people might think we have known each other for 10 years before we get married, so it’s like what else you want to know? Amazingly once you got married and living together, there is always something new that you’ll discover, no kidding😉.

We have been focusing on career, save some money and travel a bit around Asia. It has been really rewarding experiences so far. Of course our budget never permits us to travel around the world yet (I really hope one day we can though, insyaAllah). Btw, about a year ago we have been engaging on the topic “are we ready to add a new family member?” and both of us agreed “yeah…it’s about time”. Alhamdulilah Allah answers our prayer, and now ready or not…we are almost there. *yeayyy!*

Anyway, I’m ready for our babymoon this weekend. Baby, please don’t come out yet. Let mommy relax one more time okie dokie 😉


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