Special Announcement

Hello auntie and uncles,

I have arrived into this world on 18 December 2008 at 9.37am at Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital. I am a healthy 2.76kg boy:). Thanks for all the prayers. I do hope to see you soon.

Muhammad Ashman Ehsan, mom & dad


monday random ramblings

We celebrated Raya Haji the normal way; eat, eat and eat:). Although I suppose to control my carbohydrate intake now, (coz I’ve reach the suitable weight gain for my size) I can’t resist my mom’s nasi minyak + ayam masak merah + daging masak beriyani. Especially sbb raya hari tu tak dapat merasa. My family pun jadi macam pemangkin, asik2 dok dpn meja makan je :p

The young nephews and nieces, as usual treat my house macam playground. Dtg main, balik rumah my mom for makan + mandi, pastu datang balik my house. Kita laa yang malas nak monitor they all. Bukannya jauh pun my house, dalam 10 langkah jer tapi still tak berani nak let them by themselves (the oldest is only 7 years old). Almaklum zaman sekarang ramai orang jahat. Kalau zaman kita bebudak dulu tak kisah pun nak main sampai hujung jalan, janji maghrib balik kan…

During the weekend I hardly do anything. Basically just relax and kemas rumah sket2. Mostly semua barang dah ready pun. Hubby started to get things out from their boxes; car seat, sterilizer, etc. Btw my brother and his family are back from London for good. So our stroller should also be here anytime soon. Then I sibuk ajak hubby makan itu dan ini. Almaklum nanti kengkononnya 2 bulan tak dpt makan best ~ alasan huhu!

This last month I’ve been craving to sweet dessert like cheese cake🙂. Tapi nak pergi carik makan jauh2 pun risau jugak in case anything happened. So pergi rayau dekat2 jer la. Nasib baik ada partner yg rajin melayan. Alhamdulilah I have not been craving for anything weird or something out of reach. (like last year my pregnant sister went all the way to Muar to eat). Usually I crave for something easily available, like Baskin Robbins Ice Cream or nasik lemak 5 minutes from my house. Senang kan?

One glitch is that I can’t eat or even go near the restaurants that I’ve eaten during the first 4 months. Tengok jer kedai tu dah terasa kembang tekak. Kesian they all tak pasal pasal kena blacklist. Nasib baik jugak haritu tak pergi byk kedai. Kalau tak abis lah we all takde tempat dah nak pergi makan. Okie dokie, talk later.

we are almost there…

Our last check-up at APSH shows that everything is okay, alhamdulilah. From the scan, the doc said that we are almost there… Hubby genuinely looks very happy with that fact. Ironically, I am the one who suddenly become nervous + panic with 101 questions in my mind… questions revolving around delivery, post-partum, baby care, etc, etc.

Theoretically I am ready. Nowadays resources are at your fingertip thus I have read all kind of books and good websites on the related issues. I’ve studied things that I have never heard before like sterilizing bottles, EBM, and term as alien as episiotomy. But obviously these are not like the SPM exam where you just memorize things and give your answers on papers. This is real-life and the books keep on saying every pregnancy / birth / baby is different, so you’ll never know… *huh*

Furthermore, more than a dozen people have reminded us to enjoy the peace and quiet in our house right now while it lasts, as it will not be there again for a long time. This freaks me out a bit. Certainly I am aware of this piece of information, but I am not sure whether we are ready to embrace it. Of course undeniably I am very happy on the arrival of the cute little one. But the fact that we have been together, just the two of us for 3 years and now things are going to change…hmmm, this will be interesting.

Tying the knot quite at early age, we have both agreed to postpone parenthood a bit and just enjoy our marriage. Really getting to know each other and seize the world together. Well, people might think we have known each other for 10 years before we get married, so it’s like what else you want to know? Amazingly once you got married and living together, there is always something new that you’ll discover, no kidding😉.

We have been focusing on career, save some money and travel a bit around Asia. It has been really rewarding experiences so far. Of course our budget never permits us to travel around the world yet (I really hope one day we can though, insyaAllah). Btw, about a year ago we have been engaging on the topic “are we ready to add a new family member?” and both of us agreed “yeah…it’s about time”. Alhamdulilah Allah answers our prayer, and now ready or not…we are almost there. *yeayyy!*

Anyway, I’m ready for our babymoon this weekend. Baby, please don’t come out yet. Let mommy relax one more time okie dokie 😉