too good to be true

Last weekend, instead of completing some more tasks in my ‘to do list before the little one arrives’, I did another thing that the book suggest at your nine months:- Rest, Rest, Rest. Of course I managed to accomplish this one smoothly😉.

I truly relax the whole weekend. Managed to qada’ tidur puas puas since malam2 skang dah tak boley tidur (heartburn, muscle cram, gas, etc). Also I had finished watching the whole series of CSI Miami Season 6. I missed a lot of episodes when they aired it at AXN coz masa 1st trimester tu ntah kenapa jadik penakut nak tengok cerita2 macam tu. So now is the time for me to watch all my favorite movies and tv series coz lepas nie taktau laa ada masa ke tak rite… Btw, the season ended with Horatio got shot, but I’m pretty sure he’s not dead. Sajer la tu kasik gempak…

The only chores I did were folding and ironing some clothes whereas hubby helped with all other house chores. He went to market, cut the grass, did laundry, vacuumed the house and prepared lunch. Lately, he’s getting himself into his mom’s interest – gardening. He already planted some mushrooms (not sure exactly the correct term for this type of plant) ~ Do you plant mushroom? weed? whatever the term is lah… Btw we had the mushrooms for lunch which turned out tasty and fresh. Good job love!

We decided to stay in and watched Kungfu Panda at night. (Another movie that I missed during the 1st trimester nauseated period). It has been quite a while since we had a movie night thus it feels nice to just lie down together. Feeling all cozy and safe in hubby’s arm, it just feels so right. I really love such moments, feels like freezing the time so such moments will last forever…

But of course some things are too good to be true. The next day hubby called from office to inform that he had to go outstation again!!! I was overwhelmed with emotion and felt like throwing the phone to the wall! It was the same excuse from the boss; where it’s urgent, no one is available, for the company’s sake, bla bla bla. Ugghhh I hate his boss so much at that moment!

Well, I am a bit mad at hubby as well for not able to persuade his boss. But you can’t be mad at the person you love for a long time. Especially when he is leaving you. I’ve learned from others’ true experiences never to be mad when you are bidding farewell to the person you love. So I am just going to focus my anger to his boss.
Coz the last time the boss said there won’t be anymore outstation, where the last time will be the last time. Tapi nie dah 3 kali cakap the last time nie dah kira tipu nie…

false promise!!!
False hope!!!
I hate it!!!

I don’t feel like behaving right now. Don’t feel like being a supportive wife. I feel like burning his office, or shred all their important papers? Hahaha looks when the devil’s talking…

Hmm…nevertheless……I have to consider the fact that his company is kind enough to cover my maternity cost later (unlike my company yang agak kedekut). At least they are into staff’s welfare. Well…fine, I’ll be supportive. Tak jadik shred papers. 🙂.


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