miracle of love

 have trouble sleeping more than before nowadays due to my cram and swollen legs. Previously the cram was only centered at my feet but now it has climbed further up. Turning the body was so difficult like you are half-paralyzed. Added with frequent heartburn I feel like crying sometimes. But I keep on remembering what most moms told me:- that this is the easy part. The hard part will come once the little one arrives. As Dr. Sue claimed, sometimes she feels like putting back her baby in the tummy, haha! This fact ironically becomes a motivation for me to tolerate through the nights.

Plus hubby has been such a gentleman to massage my legs almost every night. The truth be told, he is not an expert massager at all. But surprisingly his touch becomes very soothing and does make me feels 10x better. Perhaps that’s what we called the magic of love, where sincere touch can wipe away pains. Amazingly when he rubbed my tummy the baby seems to stop kicking and goes to sleep as well. Hopefully we’ll get the same result once the baby arrives! *high hopes, huh:)*

Enduring the journey of carrying the little one, I feel I owed so much to my own mom. So much! How she has sacrificed for me and doing it unconditionally. Of course I realized this before but only now I could really grasp what it is all about. Well, in actual fact I had only gone through very small percentage of the whole experiences. I consider myself good enough even if I can accomplish 50% of what my mom has been doing.

To imagine what my mom has gone through makes me really salute her. I think hubby also has the same perspective on his mom now. One plain example:- every morning my mom prepared for me and my sister delicious breakfast to bring to school (that was from kindie until standard 6). Those who know my mom will know her breakfast is not a plain-easy to prepare dish. Mesti either nasi goreng, nasi lemak, mee or mihun goreng. Never just plain bread or even fried nuggets. Zaman tu mana ada duit nak makan nugget pun.

Btw, I still remember my excitement every time I open my tupperware. Kalau my mom punya nasik lemak mesti yg complete with telur rebus, ikan bilis & timun. And imagine now to prepare simple sandwich for hubby’s breakfast pun I’m like struggling and rushing. *sigh*

My mom also tirelessly made roti-canai instant throughout the years for our school tuition money. When we did not have a car, mom had to walk to pasar ampang so that there will be food on our table. Jauh siot! Jalan kaki + bawak grocery yg berat… and me here, angkut barang ke kereta pun dah rasa penat… *sigh again*. I guess that’s the miracle of mom’s unconditional love.

Before you were conceived, I wanted you,
Before you were born, I loved you,
Before you were here an hour I would die for you,
This is the miracle of love…-
– Maureen Hawkins

**We still have not finalized the name for the little hero. Any suggestion?


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