resolutions flashback

 “Dah lama kita tak main futsal kan,” Hubby said to me this morning in the car.

This made me recalled my NY resolutions for this year. One of the resolutions is to play more futsal. Little that I know what Allah has set for me in the future at that time.

Nevertheless, I think we managed to play 2-3 games together before I discovered that miracle 2 lines on the pee stick. In fact I was already carrying the little one during the last game. Of course I was not aware of that at the moment. No wonder laa haritu terer main semacam je, *perasan siot* hihi… Tapi betul tau, until they all called me ferdinand that day 🙂. Now I know it was actually because this little talented boy inside of me. Emphasize :- Ferdinand okay, NOT Caragher. *wink*

 Anyway, let see what I wrote in this blog for my resolutions this year and the achievement till date:-

1. To read one new book each month (exclude study-related books) – Hmm..does chick lit counts? I read a lot of chick lit these days, especially during my severe nausea. I think the one I was hooked the most are Undomestic Goddess and P.S I Love You.

2. To play futsal twice in a month – As discussed above.

3. To write in this blog every week – Failed miserably during the first trimester.

 4. To drink water 2 bottles a day – Hmm… I don’t think so.

5. To call/write to an old-friend every month – Oh my…I totally forgot about this. Lose a friend this year though 😦. Perhaps that makes this resolution much more crucial.

6. To donate to charity/poor every month – Not even close

7. To recite Quran every day – Again, failed miserably.

8. To reduce 5 kg of my weight – Of course this one can’t be done. Carry forward for next year? Haha…

Still has around 2 months though to strive the above resolutions…

*who do you think will win this season Amazing Race Asia??? Hopefully it’s Ida & Tania!!!


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