going outstation again!

Mere hours after I wrote the last entry, hubby called to inform that he has to leave for Vietnam that afternoon!!! So much of high hope for him not to travel anymore *uggh*.

I was like “No you can’t” and he said it was urgent, they forgot to send some important documents, the big boss asked him to assist, he was the only one who know the place – Vung Tau (Vietnam’s petroleum hub), it was only for one night, bla bla bla… What should I say? Of course laa kasik die pergi dengan rela hati…

But as it was an unplanned trip, he was quite kelam kabut. Packed his stuff (usually this is my task), exchange currency note, etc etc. As a result, he forgot his phone charger and toiletries. In addition later that evening I found out our car was left unlock, with DBKL’s summon sticking on the windshield. Alahai suamiku yang tercinta ciann dier…

FYI, when he is not around I do not have the courage to stay at home alone. Aku nie ala ala poyo je terer tapi bila malam penakut hehehe… Perhaps this will change when the baby comes. Iyalah ada teman kan…Thus I went to sleepover at my mom’s place across the road.

As usual I find it’s hard to sleep without him by my side. Plus I was worried about him traveling from Ho Chi Minh airport to Vung Tau via taxi, which takes another 3 hours. Usually he takes ferry to go there (much quicker way) tapi dah malam mana laa ada ferry…

Coincidently we had just watched the psycho cab killer episode in CSI NY which made me more restless waiting for him to arrive Vung Tau safely. Thankfully baby being a very good boy somersaulting and kicking throughout the night. I believe it is his way of saying to me not to worry and he is there to accompany me 🙂.

Anyway, alhamdulilah hubby came back last night safely in one piece 🙂. After dinner, he needs to go to office to settle some things so I accompanied him along. This is another thing that I might not be able to do once the baby comes. Unlike some people, I am okay to accompany hubby at the office sambil layan starbucks, magazine and doing artwork. Chewah artwork la kengkonon… I’m not an artist (takde bakat melukis langsung!), but I love to do kids’ artwork – gunting2 and coloring..weird huh. That does explain why I can work at kindergarten though.

Hubby likes it if I tag along (well, I think he does). Not because he is afraid whatsoever but because then I will not call him every half hour asking “lagik berapa minit nak balik?” hihihi…that is so typical me *wink wink*


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