smooth sailing weekend

I was a bit bored last Thursday in the office as my officemates went out station and was thinking to call a friend. Suddenly I remembered usually at the time like this I will call makyam. I was looking at my handphone, thinking to call her…Just for the sake of dialing. I never dialed her number since that day. Hmm…tapi nanti kalau parents dia yang pegang handphone tu dia ingat aku nie giler la plak.

But I will not delete her name from my handphone. Not for now. It just feels weird to delete. Plus I still keep some of her sms. There was one where she was so excited that we were coming to visit her and there was also one that she wished congratulations to us on the baby. She was amongst the first (other than our relatives) who knew the news.

Although pantang orang2 tua not to blurt out the news at early stage (masa tu baru sebulan lebey), but I just had the urge to tell her at that time. Perhaps to cheer her up a bit. But I never have thought she will not be there when the BIG day comes. I’m such an optimistic fool…

On a different note, we manage to complete a handful of tasks last weekend. We plan to start preparing (some theory called it nesting) bit by bit this month so we will not panic at the later stage. Plus I have started getting bigger and this made it harder for me to move around. We cleaned up the house; wash all the blankets and baby’s clothes, label all the items and hubby made the weekend perfect by cooking for us delicious steamed chicken rice 🙂. Mama even gave a nod on the cooking. That’s very good as my mom is not easy to please when it comes to food.

We also brought baby to swim for the first time 😉 and I managed to finish the latest season of CSI-NY during the weekend. I was overly-afraid during my first trimester (which the book says quite common) hence I missed a lot of episodes. So I get my friend to buy the dvds for me from JB with a cheaper price. Next in line – CSI Miami.

We still have a few tasks to complete by this month. Time-wise, I think we are on-track. I just hope hubby’s boss will not rob him to go out-station anymore for this year though. As long as we are into this together I am sure things will be smooth sailing.

Have a great week ahead!


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