SMS He Wrote

One of the reasons why I hesitate to change my SGH D500 Samsung handphone (other than it being the gift from hubby for ‘hantaran’) is because of all the sms I have in it as it is stored in the phone memory. I refuse to delete a lot of the sms coz I want to remember the feeling I had when first reading those messages.

For instance there was the sms from hubby wishing me luck on my first day job ever. I was anxious at that time being the first job ever and not knowing anyone hence reading the text helped me to be a bit calmer. Btw, the sms was dated Feb 2004. For Godsake that was more than 4 years ago! Dah lamanya aku nie jadi insan yg bekerja yek. Sudah bukan fresh grad lagik, jangan perasan haha.

There were heart-wrenching sms when he still commuted to and fro Ipoh-KL. He worked at Ipoh for a few months at the early stage of our marriage so jadik weekend husband la. Although we had experienced a long-distance relationship while I studied in U.S, it was still very hard for us to part and bid goodbye everytime he has to leave to Ipoh on Sunday night or early Monday morning.

Well, of course I still hate to embrace goodbyes even now when he has to leave for out-station whatsoever. I will monitor closely his itenary and if he does not text me within the time range I will start getting nervous. Everytime he sms that he has landed at KLIA I feel so relief – such indescribable feeling.

Reading the old sms made me remember the chronology of our marriage life. Where we started at my parent’s house and then move to our first rented house in Bukit Jalil. How we both have changed a few jobs, sharing our anxiety, excitement and frustration on each. I think it is important to remember such memories as when people start to grip success they tend to forget the hardship they went through in the beginning.

Then there were sms when we both fight with each other (apparently the fight part was quite different after you are married – I would say it becomes more emotional and heartbreaking) and then made up (also more emotional) ~ something in the line of what Cecilia Ahern describes in her eminent novel P.S I Love You. Such memories are noteworthy so that we remember the passion and joy in our love.

I guess this is when such short notes can mean so much. At least to me it does.


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